how to make an open wardrobe for your bedroom

Wardrobes. We all need them, but they can take up so much space.  And the challenge becomes even bigger if you have a small bedroom.  Once you’ve added a bed and a wardrobe, you might be left with just enough space to walk around these pieces.  Not ideal!  Fortunately, there are some types of wardrobes that can help you save space in a small bedroom.

In an ideal world, I would never recommend having a wardrobe in the bedroom.  A small, separate room for all your wardrobe needs would be perfect.  Or if not a separate room, if you can place your wardrobe in a corridor or hallway, consider yourself super lucky! Sadly, for most of us this isn’t the reality. Wardrobes need to be in our bedrooms, no matter how small. So, if you’re tight on space, these clever wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms might just be the solution you were looking for.

1. open wardrobe rail

This is my go-to style of wardrobe for small bedrooms.  You can opt for a floor standing clothes rail, a wall hung wardrobe rail or one suspended from the ceiling.  Pair with some shelves or closed storage for clothes and accessories that can’t be hung up.  While this is the most space saving wardrobe solution for a small bedroom, it does require some amount of restraint — being tidy and organised as well as having a reasonably small, curated set of clothes.  So, if this isn’t for you, read on for more ideas.

2. opt for a doorless wardrobe

Small bedrooms come in different shapes and one of the most challenging is a bedroom that’s small and narrow.  If that’s your bedroom, a good way to make the most of the space is to opt for a wardrobe without doors.  Doors need clearance which means they inadvertently take up precious floor space.  If you’re worried about staying tidy, go for wardrobes with drawers to put away the stuff that you don’t want visible.  Also, built-in drawers mean you don’t need any other closed storage like a chest of drawers.  Doorless wardrobes also mean you can go for a less deep wardrobe if space is especially tight.   While doorless wardrobes are ideal for narrow rooms, they can work well in any small bedroom.

dark blue bedroomsmall Scandinavian bedroom

3. use curtains as doors

I get that an open wardrobe (rail or doorless) isn’t for everyone.  If that’s you, then consider going doorless but adding curtains so that your stuff isn’t on display.  Much like a doorless wardrobe, you’ll be saving all that clearance space.  Also in a small bedroom, curtains look far less bulky than wardrobe doors and add a cosiness to your space.  If you need more convincing, opting for curtains instead of doors, could end up saving you a packet because the storage behind can be a DIY or some basic shelves and rails.

4. match your wardrobes and walls

This is a clever little design trick that has so many benefits.  But when we’re specifically talking small spaces, painting your built in or free-standing wardrobe in the same colour as your walls makes it almost disappear.  As your wardrobe blends in with the walls and the edges are blurred, you’ll get a seamless look which makes your space feel and look bigger. And this is quick and easy to do no matter what wardrobe you already have.

5. go for sliding wardrobe doors

For those of you who prefer wardrobes with doors, consider sliding doors.  They are space saving for obvious reasons.  You could go for sliding doors and paint them to match your walls for a seamless look. Alternatively, you can opt for mirrored doors. We all know mirrors make any room look bigger.  And extra-large mirrors are one of the best cures for a cramped space, because they expand the sense of visual space.  So, it makes sense to have a wardrobe with mirrored doors in a small bedroom.

Which of these ideas will you try?

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