Any room will feel cleaner and more spacious when you add the right lighting. Apart from using natural lighting, there are many ways to make the interior feel more alive, one of which is by installing LED ceiling lighting.

Apart from functioning as extra lighting, installing LED lights on the ceiling of the house is also a great way to add a modern and dramatic impression to the room. But before you decide to add LED ceiling lighting, you should first know what LED lights are? As the name suggests, LED ceiling lamps are a type of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp that is installed on the ceiling of a room.

The use of LED lights will produce a calming ambience with warmer lighting tones. If you are interested in trying to add LED ceiling lights, below I have summarized the 5 best LED ceiling lights to inspire you. Please scroll down!

1. LED track light


LED track lights consist of several lights mounted on a track or rail, which allows each light to be rotated or adjusted in a different direction according to your room lighting needs. This is one of the LED ceiling light designs that is suitable for accent lighting.

2. LED downlights


LED downlights are a type of lamp that can illuminate the lower area well, but are not too bright. Usually these lights are installed hidden in the ceiling so that you can only see a small portion of the lighting from under the ceiling. This lamp will also make the ceiling look clean and produce a calming ambience.

3. LED ceiling lights


LED ceiling lights can be a lighting choice that can illuminate all parts of the room. This lamp is usually installed in the center of the room, providing a calm and warm ambience. Even though it can reach the entire room, this type of light is not very bright.

4. LED cove lights


If you want to beautify your room in an instant, then LED cove lights are worth considering. These lights are usually installed recessed in the ceiling, in ceiling recesses, or walls to create diffused, warm, and sometimes futuristic-looking lighting.

5. LED pendant lights


Another type of LED lamp that you should not miss is the LED hanging lamp. As the name suggests, this lamp is installed by hanging it from the ceiling of the room with just one LED bulb. There are many shapes, colors and sizes of LED hanging lights that you can choose from. You can find hanging LED lights in modern, farmhouse, rustic or even minimalist styles.

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