Believe it or not, the mullet haircut is making a comeback. Ever since David Beckham sported a modern version of it at an event in Hong Kong, the world has been convinced. Yes, the mullet is definitely back in our field of vision. And it’s looking better than ever.

Therefore, we have prepared for you some ideas and loads of facts about this amazingly controversial and many times funny haircut that sent the world into an uproar. It’s time to get reacquainted with the mullet!

1. The Modern Mullet Haircut for Men

Let’s ease into the topic with the modern mullet haircut. As you can see, the 2017 version of this outstanding hairstyle that has made fashion history looks a bit different than what we have been used to so far. Cool, right?

2. The Fernando Torres Mullet Haircut for Men

As expected, we also have quite a few celebrities, both old and new, who have donned the mullet haircut. This is Spanish soccer player Fernando Torres wearing a dirty blonde mullet streaked with platinum highlights. Kind of like a gladiator.

3. The Orlando Bloom Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Even though he is immensely famous worldwide for the long, blonde wig he sported in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and even though he has a gorgeous head of curly hair, Orlando Bloom chose a mullet haircut. More power to you, Orly!

4. Hawk Mullet Haircut for Men

As if a mullet was not sufficient on its own from a fashion and aesthetic point of view, some people feel the need to mix it with other hairstyles as well. For example, this is a mullet haircut combined with a mohawk and hair designs or tattoos.

5. Eighties Mullet Hairstyle for Men

This is tennis player Andre Agassi. You might not recognize him because nowadays he wears his hair cut very short, almost in a buzz cut. In the 80s, however, he had this more than glorious mullet haircut which, much like his tennis skills, truly made history.

6. The Fauxhawk Mullet Haircut for Men

This mullet with a long tail behind it actually comprises a fauxhawk as well. You can see that the back and sides are tapered and that the beard is perfectly shaped. We love the cleanliness of the look, which is almost geometrical and slick.

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7. The Rat Tail Mullet Hairstyle for Men

This variation on the classic mullet is called a rat tail for obvious reasons. Instead of a mass of hair in the back, the wearer chose to style his long hair into a few slick and slim strands that closely resemble a rat’s tail.

8. Cool Mullet Haircut for Men

Here’s a mullet to which some punk spikes have been added, making two subcultures meet. If you love this look, you will need to stock up on hair products, such as gel, mousse, or hair wax so that you can create those spikes every day.

9. Paul Mccartney Mullet Hairstyle for Men

You might be cool, but you’ll never be Paul McCartney, member of the legendary band The Beatles, wearing a mullet haircut cool. Yes, this is the iconic singer in the 70s sporting the cut. The Beatles said that they were more famous than Jesus. Are they more famous than the mullet, though?

10. The Blonde Short at the Front Mullet Haircut for Men

In case you were wondering what a blonde mullet on a football player looks like, this is it. We have satisfied your curiosity. The undergrowth is a natural brown color so that the hairstyle looks as natural as possible. In the front, you get a few, short, gelled spikes.

11. The MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle for Men

One of the most famous mullets in television surely belongs to MacGyver, the man who has inspired millions of jokes and memes with his ability to produce everything out of nothing. He was cool for his age, and cool meant a leather jacket and a mullet.

12. Trendy Mullet Hairstyles for Men

This version combines the back of a mullet with a pompadour in the front. If you want to wear a mullet in the modern age, this is how to do it. Add a beard and a nose ring and you can call yourself a proper hipster.

13. Messy Fauxhawk Hairstyle for Men with Two Skin Fades

How did the Mullet get its Name? We will never know for sure, but it is believed that the first one to come up with the ‘mullet haircut’ was Mike D of the band the Beastie Boys. It’s from a song called ‘Mullet Heads’ released in 1994 in which they describe the persons wearing this hairstyle and, of course, the cut itself. You can find it on the album entitled III Communication.

14. The Classic Portrait Mullet Haircut for Men

It might seem a bit too much now, but in the 80s, this was a standard portrait. The background, the thick jumper, and huge glasses were the epitome of fashion. Evidently, you can see the haircut, which is all about ‘party in the back, business in the front.’ The cat is just a bonus.

15. The Graduation Mullet Haircut for Men

Admit it. This looks cool. With the graduation cap on, it looks like all your hair is long and bushy. But when you take it off, there’s a surprise for the ladies in there! Half your hair is actually cut short! How imaginative and whimsical!

16. Fashionable Mullet Hairstyle for Men

This is yet another variation of the basic mullet haircut. It has a brush top that has been teased very high. It works particularly well if you need to heighten a little bit for a special event or if you need to look taller in pictures.

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17. The Prom Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Going hand in hand with the graduation one is the prom mullet. You can see that it looks just like a fresh haircut, as it should be. Remember to take your tux to the dry cleaners before the big night and to get a haircut. Why not a mullet?

18. Skullet Mullet Haircut for Men

This is a very rare treat indeed. Not many pictures remain from that age of the skullet but we were able to find one and show you exactly what it is about. The skullet is a combination between a mullet and a shaved head or a skull, hence the name, and it looks exactly like this.

19. Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Oh, you might know him now as Miley’s dad, but he’s so much more than that. He’s also the guy who sang Achy Breaky Heart as well as the guy who sported this fierce smoky brown mullet, complete with a denim shirt, white tank top, a cross, and some silver pennies on a string around his neck.

20. The Disconnected Mullet Haircut for Men

Here’s another very rare natural occurrence but one that might inspire you nonetheless. This is a disconnected mullet. It’s not easy to understand or to get. In fact, you can even do it at home by yourself. All you need is a razor. Once you have the mullet itself, use the razor to create the hard part and disconnect the tail from the crew cut.

21. Cute Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Mullets can also be simple and cute, just like this one. The growth in the back is barely visible, while in the front you have a very straightforward and boyish cut. Ruffle it a bit using some hair wax to get that teenage look.

22. Long Mullet Haircut for Men

Do you know what the beauty of a mullet really is? The fact is that the longer the tail is, the cooler you are. Just seeing how your long strands of hair ripple in the wind over your denim overalls will make all the ladies fall at your feet.

23. The Golden Mullet Hairstyle for Men

If you’re lucky enough to have a natural hair color such as this golden blonde, then you need to celebrate it with a mullet. If not, you can always dye your hair. It works especially well if you have blue or green eyes because this hair color highlights them.

24. The Patrick Swayze Mullet Haircut for Men

Yes, She’s Like the Wind, alright, but Patrick Swayze is like a gelled mullet. We especially love the curly bangs which fall carelessly on the forehead, thanks to an extra helping of hair gel. And, as you can see because of his suit and bow tie, this is a classy and formal look.

25. Side Swept Bangs Mullet  Hairstyle for Men

Speaking of bangs, here is a more modern version of the mullet, with long and straightened-out hair and a pair of killer side-swept bangs. The color is a nutmeg blonde which you can get too if you are willing to dye your hair a bit.

26. The Brad Pitt Haircut for Men

No, not even Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was immune to the lure of the mullet back in his youth. Here he is with his blonde locks in what is a definite and glorious mullet haircut. We cannot say we care for it. His strong and very square jaw created dissonance with the fluffed-out top.

27. Feathered Mullet Hairstyle for Men

You can copy this look by using a comb and a lot of hairsprays. The secret is to first get a layered haircut and then tease it out using the comb. Try to make it as big and high as possible. Then, spray it so that it stays in place.

28. The Pompadour Mullet Haircut for Men

The most modern version of the mullet you can find is the one mixed with a slick back pompadour. If you don’t want to make too much fuss about it or if retro is really not your style but you still want a mullet, then keep the back as short as possible.

29. The Michael Bolton Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Even though the singer doesn’t sport the same haircut anymore, he was notorious for this outstanding mullet for years in a row. He has curly hair which he used to wear well over his shoulders and very teased out, while the top was always kept short.

30. The Jerry Seinfeld Curly Mullet Haircut for Men

You might not have realized it about such a cool guy as Jerry Seinfeld himself, but he too sported a mullet. And not only that, but he wore it throughout the entire length of the show.

All nine years. Many people have debated over it, some saying that it’s not, in fact, a mullet given there’s no business in the front. However, it’s probably safe to say Jerry wore some sort of pseudo-mullet of the 80s-90s.

31. The Chuck Norris Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Chuck Norris isn’t proud to wear a mullet. The mullet is proud to be worn by Chuck Norris. Yes, Walker himself sported a fantastic haircut back in the day that surely helped him achieve the God-like status we all know and love.

32. Teenager Mullet Haircut for Men

Being a teenager in the 80s meant you had to deal with a lot of denim and, of course, a mullet. However, in this case, the mullet is also combined with a bowl haircut, just to give it that extra boyish charm it lacked. If you want to copy this look, you will have to spring for the short bangs as well, which reach the middle of your forehead.

33. The Charlie Sheen Mullet Hairstyle for Men

This is comedy actor Charlie Sheen in one of his best films, Hot Shot. It is a several-installment parody of machismo-filled movies such as Top Gun and Rambo, which quickly became legends. Sheen plays the lead in all of them, and sports, of course, a fantastic curly and shaggy mullet.

34. The George Clooney Mullet Haircut for Men

There are two things we need to say about this. First of all, yes, it’s true. Even the ever-dashing and handsome George Clooney once sported a mullet. Second of all, if you think it looks familiar, that’s because it is. It’s the same one we saw earlier on Jerry Seinfeld, only longer and puffier in the back.

35. The Undercut Mullet Style for Men

You can even pair up a nice mullet with an undercut, seeing as the latter is all the rage these days. They used to do this back in the 90s as well, and this is what it looked like. It’s a very manly look which you can also pair up with a beard if you feel more hair is needed.

36. The Van Damme Mullet Haircut for Men

Actor Jean Claude Van Damme had his very own style of wearing a mullet. His was somewhere between curly and wavy, and he used to dab it with so much hair gel that it really looked like he just walked out of the shower. Permanently.

37. The Bono Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Here’s another pop-rock singer who simply couldn’t resist the siren song of the mullet when he was in his youth. Being the true rebel and rule breaker that he was, this lead singer used to wear his in a very shaggy mane with a lot of tufty hair on top, which almost reminds us of the good, old glam rock days.

38. Curly Hair Mullet Hairstyle for Men

When you have naturally curly hair and want a mullet, the answer is simple. You have to let it grow out as long as possible. That way, the party in the back portion will be absolutely raging, while you can still keep the nice business in the front.

39. David Bowie Mullet Haircut for Men

One of the most famous mullets ever belongs to David Bowie – or actually, Ziggy Stardust. His look was absolutely legendary and, somehow, he managed to pull off even this highly debated haircut. Just like he managed to pull off everything else. That’s how you know you’re a star.

40. The David Spade Mullet Haircut for Men

To be fair, this is actor David Spade in the hit comedy Joe Dirt. As far as we know, he has never sported a mullet in real life. However, we felt the need to include this one on our list simply because the character is famous and deserved some recognition for his looks.

41. Business in the Front Party in the Back Mullet Hairstyle for Men

This is the classic version of our beloved mullet haircut. It’s all about combining two styles into one. You want to roll out some business in the front, meaning a serious, short haircut, maybe with a flimsy fringe, but you also want to show people you’re all about the fun.

42. Rod Stewart Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Another incredibly famous celebrity mullet belongs to British singer Rod Stewart. He made it his own, just like Bono did by sporting this very layered and feathery top with asymmetrical bangs. We have to admit that it does look very rock’n’roll.

43. The Dietr Bohlen Mullet Hairstyle for Men

In case you are a millennial or even younger and reading this article, you might be wondering who Dietr Bohlen is. He was the lead singer of Modern Talking, a duo from Germany who sang electropop and who gifted the world with songs such as You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul, Cheri, Cheri, Lady, and Brother Louie. Yes, they are from the 80s.

44. Fancy Mullet Haircut for Men

We were really taken with this minimalist mullet and thought that, if we were ever to cross that bridge, this would be the way we would go. It does have somewhat of quiet elegance, and the asymmetrical bangs are really modern.

45. Loose Curls Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Here’s another take on the modern mullet haircut. If you have curly hair, you can always opt for this lovely and inspirational hairstyle which will showcase your curls. Don’t be afraid to express your creativity!


Here are the 45 ideas in the mullet haircut list we promised. Now that you’ve seen them, are you a step closer to getting a modern mullet? If so, which kind will it be? The David Bowie mullet, an eighties mullet, a feathered mullet, a curly hair mullet, or a skullet haircut? Let us know in the comment section below. Check out the history of how the mullet haircut came about.

July 2019: We updated the styles in this article.

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