You may know him from commercially and critically successful movies such as American Hustle, The Hangover, & A Star Is Born but did you know that Bradley Cooper is also a major style star?

In 2015 he made it on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world so now we think it’s time you channeled the actor as your style guru. Here are 45 amazing Bradley Cooper hairstyles.

1. The Classic Bradley Cooper

As far as Bradley Cooper hairstyles go, this is the classic one, meaning his go-to look for years. Most of the time, Bradley wears his hair in a medium, wavy and layered haircut with a slightly messy middle parting.

classic bradley cooper hairstyles

2. Slick Back Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Here’s a variation of his most beloved haircut. This time it’s longer, with more of his natural curls coming in at the back and no parting down the middle. Instead, he opted for a slick back that makes him look more elegant.

slick back bradley cooper hairstyles

3. Off Duty Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Bradley Cooper with a beard looks almost unrecognizable from the clean-cut figure we’re all used to. But the good news is that he is just as handsome, the rugged beard hugging his angular face in an incredible way.

off duty bradley cooper hairstyles

4. Short Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

The actor is no stranger to a buzz cut either. He has sported it many times over the years, at various lengths. So, if you want a Hollywood hairstyle to copy, this is the easiest one. It’s also the simplest one to maintain.

short bradley cooper hairstyles

5. The Gelled Slick Back

It’s probably safe to say that Bradley Cooper’s favorite hair styling product is hair gel. Or whatever product it is that gives him that slick and wet look he wears so often on the red carpet. He runs a comb through his hair and voila! Major star style.

gelled slick bradley cooper hairstyles

6. Middle Part Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

When off-duty, the actor likes to relax his locks a little bit in a tight haircut with a middle part and some side bangs. It’s a casual look that you can pull off as well if you have the face type for it. Discuss your options with your stylist.

middle part bradley cooper hairstyles

7. The Top Knot

Not even Bradley Cooper could say no to the major styling trend that hit the world in the past few seasons. His top knot is as cute as a button in this half up half down hairstyle which he sports while entertaining his little one at the beach.

top knot bradley cooper hairstyles

8. Medium Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are also very easy to maintain, and they typically mean that you don’t have to visit your stylist all that often. Of course, you first have to see if your office dress code allows you to wear such a haircut.

medium bradley cooper hairstyles

9. Short and Spiky Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

It’s not often that we get to see the actor sporting a short haircut, but here it is. This is a very boyish take on the classic cut with spikes crowing all over it in a messy but lovely way. The deep chestnut color brings out his baby blue eyes.

short spiky bradley cooper hairstyles

10. Cool Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

We saw the boyish version of that haircut. Now it’s time to see the manly take on it. The spikes are more pronounced on this one and a lot more gelled up. He has also paired the haircut with a beard and some aviator sunglasses.

cool bradley cooper hairstyles

11. The Buzz Cut

As previously mentioned, Bradley surely loves his buzz cuts as well. And he is completely right to do so. This haircut complements his chiseled and angular face and makes him look manly and rugged.

buzz cut bradley cooper hairstyles

Want more buzz cuts? We got you!

12. Light Brown Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

The actor has also sported different shades of brown throughout his career. This, for example, is a lighter shade than what we are used to. It’s a honey brown that softens his features, especially since he has no facial hair to go with it.

light brown bradley cooper hairstyles

13. The Shaggy Side Part

Combining a well-tailored suit with a shaggy and scruffy side part on a handsome man is pure styling genius. The two extremes are what brings the appeal of the look, and you should really give it a try!

shaggy side part bradley cooper hairstyles

14. Fierce Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Even though this haircut was designed for a movie, you can still try it because it’s absolutely awesome. It’s a short and messy slick back with a few strands hanging down his forehead in a carefree and rugged kind of way.

badass bradley cooper hairstyles

15. The Blonde Spikes

Here’s a throwback picture to one of Bradley Cooper’s earlier years. He used to wear blonde and naturally wavy spikes which were created with the help of some mousse or hair wax. If you miss the 2000s, you can try this hairstyle as well.

blonde spikes bradley cooper hairstyles

16. Medium Hairstyle with a Beard

It’s safe to say that, when he is between artistic projects, Bradley Cooper loves to grow out his fantastic beard. And we cannot get enough of it because he looks amazing, especially when paired with that medium, curly haircut.

medium and beard bradley cooper hairstyles

17. The Sex and the City Hairstyle

Did you know that Bradley Cooper’s career started on Sex and the City? He had a guest role on the show in 1999. It was only two years later that he would get to star in his first ever movie, called Wet Hot American Summer.

sex and the city bradley cooper hairstyles

18. Chestnut Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Another hair color that really complimented the actor and his fantastic eyes was this deep and rich chestnut brown. If you’re thinking about making a change, then this could really be your new color for the autumn.

chestnut bradley cooper hairstyles

19. Bushy Beard Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

But his fantastic beard is not reserved just for when he is on vacation or not working on a project. Here he is at a red carpet event sporting his now signature slick back curly hairstyle and a beard to match as well.

bushy beard bradley cooper hairstyles

20. The Young Bradley Cooper

This black and white photo of the actor as a very young man goes to prove that he loved slicking his hair back with lots of gel even when he was a teenager. He has remained faithful to this hairstyle ever since and for that we applaud him.

young bradley cooper hairstyles

21. Volumized Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

You can get this volumized hairstyle as well if you use some mousse and your hairdryer. After you’re finished, add plenty of hairspray to keep it all in place and make sure those spikes hang in there for the rest of the day.

volumized bradley cooper hairstyles

22. The American Hustle Hairstyle

This hairstyle as well as his part in American Hustle were so iconic that it’s impossible not to recognize them. Bradley received nominations for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a Critics’ Choice Award for his role as a Supporting Actor, making it one of his most successful movies ever.

american hustle bradley cooper hairstyles

23. Artistic Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Here’s another elegant and artistic hairstyle which you can definitely try for yourself. It’s a short and slightly messy haircut with a side part and medium sideburns which works perfectly with the stubble Bradley has in this picture.

artistic bradley cooper hairstyles

24. 2000s Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Nothing says 2000s like bunches of spikes clumping together in little masses all over your head. This is one of the quintessential looks of that era which everyone used to wear, and Bradley Cooper was no stranger to this crazy trend.

2000s spiky bradley cooper hairstyles

25. Layered Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

There’s no denying that Bradley Cooper looks good in a layered hairstyle and so can you. In fact, you can actually show this picture to your stylist so that you can make sure you get the exact Cooper haircut.

layered bradley cooper hairstyles

26. The Side Bangs

The actor is also very partial to side bangs. They are a result of him wearing his hair parted down the middle. Here’s a tip. This type of short cropped side bangs is perfect if you have an elongated face as they will make your visage appear shorter.

middle part bradley cooper hairstyles

27. High and Tight Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

The high and tight haircut is a very versatile and flexible one. Most men love it because it’s easy to transition from a day look at the office to a night look at a bar or a club. Of course, your outfits have to match every occasion.

high and tight bradley cooper hairstyles

28. The Wet Look

As mentioned previously in this piece, there’s nothing that Bradley Cooper loves more than the so-called wet look. You can get it too by using copious amounts of hair gel and slicking it onto your locks. Use a comb to spread it evenly.

wet lool bradley cooper hairstyles

29. Receding Hairline Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Just like most men out there, Bradley Cooper has to come to terms with his receding hairline as well. His is not very deep yet so he can still wear his hair up in spikes if he wants to. However, it’s comforting to know that this is a common problem and that it has to be embraced rather than hidden away.

receding hairline bradley cooper hairstyles

30. Shaggy Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Did you know that Bradley is one of the few actors in history ever to receive Oscar nominations three years in a row? In fact, there are only 10 actors who managed this accomplishment in the entire history of the Academy Awards.

dark chestnut bradley cooper hairstyles

31. The Short Comb Over

However, a curious thing is that, even though the actor has been heavily nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs between the years 2013 and 2015 for several movies he did back then, he never won.

short comb over bradley cooper hairstyles

Wanna pull off a combover like Bradley Cooper does? See more combover styles here!

32. Short and Layered Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Bradley Cooper was even nominated for a Tony Award for The Elephant Man, a stage play in which he appeared between 2014 and 2015. He didn’t win that award either, but it was an honor to be nominated nonetheless.

short layered bradley cooper hairstyles

33. Elegant Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

However, he did win a Golden Raspberry Award in 2010 for the movie All About Steve in the category Worst Screen Couple which he proudly shares with actress Sandra Bullock. She actually attended and accepted the award herself. The next day Sandra went to the Oscars and won one for The Blind Side.

short gentleman bradley cooper hairstyles

34. Signature Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

This is the actor starring in a commercial for the UK luxury ice cream brand Haagen-Dazs in 2013. As you can see, he is sporting his iconic and now signature hairstyle with his hair slicked back and his curls hanging at the nape of his neck.

UK luxury ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs, May 2013 bradley cooper

35. The Hangover Hairstyle

It is widely and officially admitted that, although he had previously starred in other movies and TV shows, Bradley had his breakthrough when he stared in the hugely successful The Hangover. That’s when the world took notice of him for the first time.

hangover bradley cooper hairstyles

36. The American Sniper Hairstyle

Here is Bradley in the movie American Sniper for which he was nominated yet again for an Academy Award in the category Best Actor. The movie itself was considered good enough to be nominated for Best Picture.

american sniper bradley cooper hairstyles

37. Dapper Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Did you know that Bradley voices Rocket the Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers? Because he does. This only serves to make both him and Rocket way cooler than they already were.

dapper bradley cooper hairstyles

38. A Star Is Born Haircut

This is the haircut Bradley chose for the movie A Star Is Born, where he is the director himself and in which he stars with Lady Gaga. They both play singers whose romance becomes troublesome after her career becomes much more important than his.

a star is born bradley cooper hairstyles

39. The Place Beyond the Pines Haircut

Good news! If you liked this movie a lot, you can easily copy Bradley Cooper’s hairstyle. It’s a simple, short haircut with some spikes on top which you can create using gel, mousse or hair wax. Now you can look like his character!

the place beyond the pines bradley cooper hairstyles

40. Blunt Bangs Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Here’s another throwback pic of Bradley, this time with blonde hair and blunt baby bangs. He genuinely looks like a college boy on his summer holiday, which is a look you can easily channel if you like it or if you’re a fan of his.

blunt bangs bradley cooper hairstyles

41. Straight Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

You can get this look in two ways. If you already have straight hair and grow it out to this medium length. Or if you have curly hair and use a hair straightener to tame your curls. Either way, you will look fabulous.

straight bradley cooper hairstyles

42. Daring Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

It’s very seldom that we get to see the actor step out of his comfort zone style wise and present to us a haircut so bold, but here it is. This is a short and messy haircut with straight spikes and a stubble plus goatee straight out of The Three Musketeers.

mousqueteer bradley cooper hairstyles

43. Curly Gelled Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Taking his love for gel one step further, here is a picture of the actor using the hair styling product even on his curls. The result is this wet look that he adores so much and has worn for the best part of his life.

curly gelled bradley cooper hairstyles

44. Blonde Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Back around the time of his humble beginnings, Bradley used to dye his hair blonde. It was the 2000s, after all, and if your hair wasn’t blonde, you didn’t really have any measurable fashion sense, did you?

blonde bradley cooper hairstyles

45. Extra Gelled Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Finally, we leave you with this extra gel look. We’ve talked about his love for gel so much in this piece and discovered that so many of his looks over the years used a vast quantity of gel that we felt it was necessary to end on a high note with this extra wet head look.

extra gel bradley cooper hairstyles


The Bradley Cooper hairstyles list that spans over the years began with the classic 90s’ and 2000s medium blonde haircut which everyone used to sport back then. He quickly moved on to spikes and buzz cuts, but then the actor found his signature look, a shoulder-length cut with curls at the back and no parting, which he still wears today. Which one of these was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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