There are plenty of inspired little boy haircuts from men hairstylists. The challenge here lies in the fact that a little boy’s hair doesn’t leave too much room to manipulate or use complex haircuts. But even short hair can be stylized in a thousand beautiful ways.

The following recommendations from men hairstylists are trending right now and are suitable for all hair types and for all little boys be they, babies or primary school kids. The best piece of advice is to take your little boy to a hairstylist because he or she will know exactly what haircut works best for your boy depending on his age, hair type, and face shape.

1. Inspired Little Boy Haircut for Long Hair

This gorgeous boy’s haircut is perfect for kiddos with long hair. Its modern vibe will go well with any outfit you can think of.

little boy haircuts ideas


2. Taper Haircut for Little Boys

Nothing is cuter than a little boy sporting an adult’s haircut. This taper haircut works great for babies and it can also match daddy’s haircut if that is the case. Cuteness overload.



3. Stylized Little Boys Haircuts

Some little boys’ haircuts from men hairstylists allow some manipulation. Use some hair gel that is specifically made for kids and create that spiky texture that is still trending right now.

looking at the camera


4. Messy Medium Length Hairstyle

A natural look can go a long way especially when you’re talking about kids. A little boy’s hair is still fragile and it needs all the extra care and attention it can get. So as a hairstylist you can always go with messy hairstyles (if the hair length allows you to) and that’s enough to make a great look.

boy with tousled hair


5. Short Haircut for Baby Boys

This is a very popular short haircut for baby boys and little boys alike. It is easy to do, it looks great and it’s simply too cute for words.

in the woods


6. Curly Hairstyle for Little Boys

If a little boy has natural curls, he will just need some trimming and stylizing to highlight his curls in a curly hairstyle. If the boy doesn’t have natural curls, you can add a few curls here and there for extra volume and cuteness, especially if there is a special event the boy has to attend.

sporting a curly haircut


7. Sleek Hairstyle for Special Occasions or Events

Nothing is more beautiful than a little boy with an impeccable hairstyle. This sleek hairdo is one of the most mesmerizing little boys’ haircuts out there. It’s not a complicated look to achieve either and your boy will definitely love it. Who wouldn’t, anyway?

boy with elegant hairstyle


8. Cute Bangs and Haircut for Little Boys

Long bangs will highlight your little boy’s eyes in an instant and most hairstylists recommend this haircut because it adds volume to your boy’s hair. It’s true that such a hairstyle needs regular maintenance and trimming but then again all little boys’ haircuts do since their hair grows so fast.

blonde with long bangs


9. Elegant Prom Hairstyle for Kids

Is your boy attending a formal event? Then this is the perfect prom hairstyle you can think of. The stylized long locks and the loose hairstyle would go amazingly well with a fancy little suit.

long layered haircuts


10. The Cool Little Dude Hairstyle Look

Who said that little boys can’t have a cool attitude? Take this cool teased hairstyle for example. It’s incredibly stylish and modern and every little boy would want to sport such a haircut since it looks so hip.

cool boy with shades


11. Recommended Hairstyle for Little Boys with Thick Hair

This haircut for little boys works best with thick hair since it highlights one’s natural voluminous hair texture. It’s a short hairstyle, but it does look great without too much effort on your part or the hairstylist’s part.

boy standing against a wooden wall


12. Smooth Hairstyle Look for Little Boys

Isn’t this one of the coolest little boys’ haircuts you’ve seen in a while? The swept bangs, the sleek, smooth hairstyle are one successful combination that highlights one stunning hairstyle for little boys.

boy with suspenders and plaid shirt


13. Gorgeous Hairstyle for Little Boys with Long Hair

It’s time to flaunt those long locks somehow. If your boy is attending a wedding or any other important event, his long hair can be stylized to match the event he’s attending. The subtle feathered locks and the stylized ends create the impression of voluminous, thick hair.

smiling boy


14. The Subtle Bowl Cut

This subtle half bowl haircut, half typical short haircut looks great especially on baby boys. The bowl cut has suffered many changes since it first appeared as part of men’s hairstyle trends and it’s getting better and better as fashion changes.

toddler in a craddle


15. Formal Rounded Haircut for Little Boys

Are you looking for one of the most special little boys’ haircuts out there? Well, look no more, because this hairstylist recommendation is bound to make your little boy shine on a very special day, be it a formal event or a very special occasion.

boy in a wedding chapel


16. Sweet Simple Hairstyle for Little Boys

There are simple haircuts that will always work wonders for your little boy’s hair. Take this simple haircut as an example. It looks great and it’s effortlessly chic.

asian boy with cool hairstyle


17. Short Messy Haircut

Most parents choose short haircuts for their kids, particularly during summertime. But short hair can also be styled in many wonderful ways. This messy haircut looks natural and it does send out a summery vibe.

little boy at the beach


18. Geeky Little Boy Haircuts

Some kids show a subtle intellectual curiosity from a very young age. If your kid is no different, maybe you’d like to consider this geeky (but nevertheless incredibly gorgeous) haircut for little boys.

little boy wearing glasses


19. Astonishing Stylized Little Boy Haircuts

You can use hair gel or hair spray to create that spiky hair look. Make sure not to use too many hair products because your kid’s hair is still fragile. It’s a cute hairstyle, but it should be sported on special occasions.

boy in denim vest


20. Subtle Layered Short Haircut for Little Boys

The hairstylists recommend this look for little boys with round faces. It’s a typical layered haircut that was altered to match a short haircut.

short hairtcut


21. Symmetric Bangs Little Boy Haircuts

One of the cutest things in the world is seeing a little boy and his symmetric bangs. This is the kind of hairstyle that makes anybody go “aww” when seeing it.

running on a green field


22. Asymmetric Bangs Little Boy Haircuts

Some little boy haircuts are edgier than others. Asymmetric cuts are getting more and more popular these days when it comes to trendy hairstyles for kids.

boy with wavy hair


23. Modern Haircuts for Little Boys with Heart Shaped Faces

Kids’ fashion has evolved in such a spectacular way! There are plenty of hairstyles nowadays that are based on a kid’s hair type and face shape. This modern haircut for boys with heart-shaped faces is a killer and it also manages to highlight a boy’s eyes like no other.

smiling boy


24. Messy Fringe Little Boy Haircuts

This puffy haircut and the messy fringe are recommended for little boys with thick hair. It’s an amazing haircut and it doesn’t require constant maintenance; just regular trimming.

boy resting his chin on his hands


25. Incredibly Short Haircuts for Baby Boys

Depending on one’s development and needs, a baby boy will sometimes need a short haircut. This incredibly short haircut is one of the simplest yet amazing little boys’ haircuts out there.

baby boy smiling


26. Medium Length Stylish Little Boy Haircuts

This sleek medium length fashionable hairstyle is simply breathtaking. Apart from being one of the most astonishing little boys haircuts out there, it’s also a low-maintenance hairdo. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

little boy clapping his hands


27. Extremely Gorgeous Haircut for Little Boys

The blunt bangs are to die for and the short haircut draws attention to the cute face and eyes. It’s a one-inspired haircut for little boys.

boy with a gaping tooth


28. Long at the Top Haircut for Little Boys

If you are searching for some of the most mesmerizing little boys’ haircuts, the long at the-top haircut is one popular favorite among hairstylists.

making faces at the photographer


29. Sweet Layered Little Boy Haircuts

One of the reasons why hairstylists recommend the layered haircut is that it adds volume to any hair type. It’s also the kind of haircut that doesn’t need maintenance, just little styling from time to time and regular trimming.

boy bitting his finger


30. Spiky Top Little Boy Haircuts

You can create a faux Mohawk by making the top of the hair look spiky. It’s a hairstyle that every little boy loves.

playing around with a pipe


31. Stunning Haircuts for Little Boys

This hairstyle works best with long hair and it won’t go out of style pretty soon either. It is also a rad hairdo for kids.

blue eyed with brown hair


32. Curly Hairstyle for Baby Boy

Short curly hair is among the sweetest things ever! Any hairstylist would recommend this kind of look when it comes to baby boys that have naturally curly hair.

boy at the playground


33. The Retro Bowl Little Boy Haircuts

It seems that the retro bowl cut is still in and it is a hairstyle that flatters most hair types and faces shapes.

bowl cut


34. Lovely Haircuts for Little Boys

Another short hairstyle recommendation comes from men hairstylists. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires little to no styling.

cute boy dressed in sporty t-shirt


35. Magnificent Sleek Little Boy Haircuts

This sleek hairstyle has a retro vibe and it looks somewhat glamorous, too. Your little boy will definitely stand out from the crowd with such a breathtaking hairdo.

elegantly dressed little boy


36. Blunt Haircuts for Little Boys

Blunt haircuts are very recommended for boys with long thin hair. Make sure to add a layered haircut to get that volume boost.

cowboy bandana for little boy


37. Pompadour Hairstyle for Little Boys

The vintage look is back in town. This posh pompadour hairstyle for little boys couldn’t be more inspired.

little boy with retro hairstyle


38. Summer Little Boy Haircuts

There is something so special and beautiful when it comes to summer short hairstyles. Any little boy would appreciate a short haircut during those hot summer days.

boy with shades


39. Long Layered Little Boy Haircuts

Long hairstyles are trending right now, especially when it comes to little boys’ fashion recommendations.

pensive boy staring in the distance


40. Teased Bangs Little Boy Haircuts

The faded sides and the teased bangs are two hairstyling combinations that are very popular among grown men. It seems that hairstylists came up with an adaptation for little boys’ haircuts, too.

boy with stylized bangs


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