Colorful decor brings energy, character, and fun into a home interior, so why not take it to the max? This vibrant collection of colorful living rooms provides a powerful palette of inspiration and includes tips and ideas on how to decorate your very own. We’ll take an adventurous journey through contrasting hues, ombre paint treatments, and fabulous wall murals. We look at ideas for statement wallpapers, eye-catching living room artwork, unique area rugs, and colorful accent furniture for the living room. Amongst these, you’ll find concepts that illustrate how to incorporate a colorful approach into many interior styles, such as a cool industrial space, a laid-back boho blend, or a colorful eclectic decor scheme.

Designer: Karim Rashid  

Multicolor metallic mashup. This colorful contrast is like a candy shop of sweet sugars and bright foil wrappers. Bold black anchor points add weight to the aesthetic.

Designer: Dabito  

With an easy eclectic aesthetic, anything goes. A yellow sofa, pink lounge chairs, a teal pouf, a multicolor rug… Whatever pieces you fall in love with, they’ll find a home here.

Visualizer: Noz Design  

Amazing ombre. Colors melted together with airbrush edging culminate in a stunning ombre effect. This gorgeous feature wall is accentuated with a pink color-blocked doorway and a striking blue shelving unit.

Designer: Gili Unger  

Botanical murals. Mother Nature is all about color, so why not take a leaf out of her book and paint a botanical wall mural in the living room.

Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Dar  

Dominant art installations. Curious, quirky, and colorful, this mesmerizing art installation snakes around a skylight, down the wall and across the floor to become a unique rug.

Designer: Johnson Hartig  

Gallery life. Curate an explosion of color with an eclectic art wall. In this gallery-inspired living room, colorful paintwork makes its way down onto bespoke coffee tables.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya  

A taste of the tropics. Palm fronds grow a colorful decor scheme in this home. A fuchsia pouf draws out their hue.

Visualizer: Ewelina Makosa  

Succinct accents. In a spacious, cool concrete industrial interior, place colorful accents sparingly. Blank space allows bold pieces to breathe and prevents visual overwhelm.

Source: Cassina  

Enter the world of wallcoverings. There is an abundance of patterns, themes, and colors to choose from in the world of wallpaper and luxury wallcoverings. Dive in to make a real splash.

Designer: Noz Design  

Dripping with vibrancy. If wallpaper isn’t your thing, how about creating a bespoke paint effect? This vibrant orange feature wall drips with a rich metallic gold overlay.

Visualizer: Noz  

Pattern and color clashes. The brave at heart will appreciate the added dimension that pattern brings to a colorful eclectic living room scheme. Clash till your heart’s content.

Designer: Guilherme Torres  

Big and bold. Be it enormous works of art, a large and colorful sofa design, or a huge vibrant rug, oversized elements make a statement.

Visualizer: Giuseppe Baratto  

Another example of how large artwork can transform a simple space. Without these three commanding pieces of modern art, this living room would be a basic white box.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

Combine color with creative touches, like this unique living room pendant light and shapely nesting tables.

Visualizer: Maria Puzanova  

The color split. Slice your living room down the middle to make blocks of color contrast, like this burgundy and monochrome split.

Designer: Guilherme Torres  

Lights, color, action. Color comes alive under the right lighting, so approach both your palette and your illumination with the same zeal.

Visualizer: Cassina  

The accent color triangle. Safely introduce a bright accent color by following a 3-point rule, or a triangle of color.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Color blocking and painted arches present an abstract aesthetic in this orange living room.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

This color-blocked living room concept delivers a more subtle approach. The subtlety in background colors allows bolder pieces in the foreground to hold due attention.

Designer: Guilherme Torres  

Helped along by nature. Allow a green garden view to serve as a jumping off point for a colorful living room scheme. Contrast the vista with red and pink furniture.

Designer: Laura Hunt  

Go all in with bright couches, contrasting cushions, and a colorful ​​living room chandelier.

Visualizer: Kateryna Titova  

Muted saturations build colorful surroundings with a calm undertone.

Visualizer: Design Studio “ЭТА”  

Cool contrast is key. Play with shades to find interesting combinations, like this cool teal, butter yellow, and muted brick red palette.

Visualizer: Anjey Babych  

Big and beautiful. Be brave with oversized prints to bring in vibrant focal points.

Visualizer: Serj S  

Have fun with an assortment of fabrics.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

With or without wall color, a multicolored modular sofa establishes a fun palette.

Visualizer: UDesign  

Luxurious color inclusions. Use color to pick out the hero pieces in the room, such as a designer lounge chair, sculptural sofa, or unusual artwork.

Visualizer: Vóc Nguyễn  

Deep and dreamy. Deep teal and a dreamy mauve make a soothing combo.

Visualizer: Ngọc Thủy  

Color-blocked wall paneling. Apply color-blocked paint effects over panel molding to achieve a 3D effect. In this example, the wall color transitions behind a piece of wall art to sharpen the look.

Visualizer: Reutov Design  

Tone on tone. Layering different shades of the same color creates saturated depth.

Visualizer: KPLV Studio  

A home library adds its own wall of color.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Construct a color-focussed loft interior with quirky artwork and glossy edging.

Visualizer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Bold balance. Eye-catching artwork receives balance from a multi-tonal blue couch arrangement here. Charcoal gray walls make a dark backdrop for the brighter elements.

Visualizer: Alina Anufrieva  

Frame large windows with drapes of rich color.

Designer: Nina Prokopenko  
Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov  

Create a color-blocked ceiling treatment.

Photographer: Maxim Maximov  

Make a fresh Scandi scheme with simple furnishings and a knocked back wall color.

Visualizer: Vittorio Bonapace  

Paint bold borders with a contrasting flash.

Designer: Noz Design  

Shout loud with shocking pink. See more ideas for a pink living room.

Visualizer: Mariia Ternova  

Take a trip to Mexico with sugar skulls and sombreros.

Designer: Dasha Vasilkova & Dasha Soboleva  
Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Cut a sharp design with bright geometrics.

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