Home offices are now a staple part of the average household, whether that’s for putting in extra hours outside the office or for building your own empire. We expect a lot from our home workspaces, not only because they are a place where we sink many precious hours, but because they must achieve a seamless existence with our beloved home life. This selection of 40 home offices not only deliver functionality but serve with style. From spacious and luxurious home offices that look fit for a mogul, to compact and cosy workspaces for fresh-faced entrepreneurs, these designs offer every inch of inspiration. We’ll look at boho workspaces, Scandi style studies, simply sophisticated office spaces, and much more.

Visualizer: 很 蓝  

Step into my creative space. A centrally placed desk projects an invitation for collaboration. Set chairs out along the opposite side of your desk to make room for guests, idea-sharing, and partnership.

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Be inspired by nature. An independent home office space or artist studio can leave an individual cut off from the world. Reconnect with the outdoors with an attached courtyard, vertical garden wall, or even a realistic botanical mural.

Visualizer: Pujo Architects And Designers  

Calm and serene. White decor lays a peaceful foundation for a busy working day, but can sometimes fall a little flat. Add interest and high-end styling with a chic desk design and a marble feature wall.

Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

It’s all in the stucco. Add interest to a tiny home office by creating interesting “architectural” details within the wall stucco. An awkward alcove can become a bank of uniform display nooks, an uninspired doorway can become an elegant archway.

Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd  

Hidden storage. Bespoke cabinets mean that office paraphernalia can be concealed from sight without cluttering the room with office furniture. Install the cabinets in an end-to-end arrangement that wraps the doorframe to go fully incognito.

Designer: Daniel Titchener   

Modern and minimal. White cabinets on a white background produce a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. Warm through with a natural wood worktop and matching wooden flooring.

Designer: Mohamed Abd Elnaby  

Dark, dramatic and oh-so-sophisticated, this powerful home office design really means business.

Visualizer: Ahmed Sharara  

Large and in charge. These three desk chairs have a similar brown leather aesthetic, but it’s clear to all which one is in command.

Visualizer: More De Design Studio  

Wallpaper and wealth. A luxe wallcovering applied behind wall shelves that are filled with sculpture and literature speaks of money and culture.

Visualizer: Maxim Goryachev  

Alternatively, you could hang a huge weapons display to instil respect or a tinge of fear into all who enter your domain!

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Back to the drawing board. Consider every aspect of your daily working needs before embarking upon a desk purchase. Would a tilting worktop, open shelving, filing drawers or media storage make your tasks run more smoothly? Make a wish list before browsing.

Architect: Montalba Architects  

Every inch an office. This inspirational home workspace has been fashioned to serve with every inch–right from the staircase balustrade.

Designer: Edition Office  

Encased and cosy. A narrow courtyard filters natural light into this small home office design, whilst fully wood-clad walls and matching wooden furniture build a cosy cocoon.

Designer: Daniel Titchener  

Use vertical space in a small office room. Upper cabinets will be your best friend in keeping clutter at bay.

Visualizer: Julien Stiévenard  

Simply Scandi. White base decor, black accents, simple lines and a plethora of plants fashion a cool Scandinavian home office aesthetic.

Designer: crxscxnt  

Accessorise with colour. From colour-changing LED desk lights and eye-catching keyboards to art prints and sculpture, a workday doesn’t have to be dull.

Photographer: Christopher Funk  

Enjoy a glow whilst you’re on the go. Hang string lights around the perimeter of your workspace to ignite magical vibes.

Visualizer: Kseniya Romanova  

Tiny spaces can make big statements. Think unique desks, statement lamps, and accent chairs.

Visualizer: Yekaterina Mar  

Big places, big ideas. A large and spacious home office makes room for luxurious extra touches like long modern fireplaces, impressive chandeliers, exquisite wall panelling, and oversized desks.

Visualizer: Selman CAN  

This luxurious home office design employs golden accents and marble elements to communicate high-end elegance.

Designer: LMNL Office  

Attic office space can feel closed in but a skylight will open the area right up.

Designer: Matt Gibson Architecture + Design  

No room in the house? Garden offices are becoming more and more popular.

Designer: Shang Yan Design & Guan Pin  

Fishtanks have been used to calm anxiety and stress for years. If it works in a doctor’s office then it can work for a home workspace too.

Architect: DUarchitects  
Designer: Kuskin / May  
Visualizer: Black Cube Archviz  

Side-by-side or face-to-face, double workspaces are a great space-saving solution for couples who both need to work from home.

Source: Dearkids  

Another double-sided desk solution.

Visualizer: ZAN Studio  

Chase away dull days by adding your own sunshine with a blast of yellow decor.

Designer: Mark Studio  
Photographer: Russel Smith  

Even the smallest drop of colour has an uplifting effect.

Designer: 61architects & YYdesign  
Visualizer: an Morek & Jana Simonidesova  

You’ll never feel hemmed in with a view like this.

Designer: Anya Moryoussef Architects  
Via: Dwell  

Floating desks and clear floors. Wall-mounted desks keep floor space clear for a minimalist solution.

Designer: CCS Architecture  

This double workspace situates desk areas back to back to prevent distraction.

Designer: Christophe Vendel  

Colour and inspiration. Creative minds blossom around the creativity of others; surround yourself with art and literature.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Nurture a Japanese aesthetic and a zen mindset. This unique desk design features a planter that makes a home for a majestic bonsai tree. A rice paper pendant light will softly diffuse overhead illumination, and a palmistry sculpture adds a mystical touch.

Visualizer: STUDIO  

Keep it light. Open plan home office areas can appear bulky in the landscape of your home. Opt for a glass desk and gently illuminated shelving to lighten the look.

Designer: Murdough Design  

Dual aspect windows? Follow the light and panorama with a built-in L-shaped desk design.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

No nonsense. A rockface feature wall and heavy matt black elements build a masterful air.

Source: Histórias de Casa  

Business growth buddies. Stimulate a growth mindset by surrounding yourself with nature’s own success stories in a flourishing indoor garden.

Visualizer: Denis Karandiuk  

Just starting out? Raw brickwork, exposed ducting, and surface mounted electrical wires aren’t the result of a starter budget, they’re an uber fashionable industrial home office don’t you know. Select warming wood elements and matt black accents to complement the vibe.

Visualizer: Miha Cubicle  

Draw down high ceilings with black paintwork to balance scale and build drama.

Via: Arkadia  

Bring the outside in with a glass wall and ceiling combo. This light-filled home office features a home library that’s custom built into the pitch of the roof to utilise the full height of the room.

Designer: DHD  

This workspace is fashioned as a floating cube within the home library to give it its own identity.

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