Neoclassical home interiors are popular amongst designers and homeowners because of their timeless charm. Brimming with elegance and sophistication, this aesthetic works particularly well in formal dining spaces, which is what we’re looking at here today. In this collection of 37 neoclassical dining rooms, you’ll find tips and ideas to help you decorate yours. We’ll walk you through structured dining room layouts and fluid open plan eating areas. In these concepts, there is a treasure trove of dining room lighting inspiration, fabulous dining tables, and stylish dining chair ideas. Explore creative style melds, including neoclassical boho blends, ultra-modern inspo, quirky colourful concepts, and much more.

Designer: 霸都VISION   
Visualizer: 霸都THES  

A background of beige stucco gives a neoclassical dining room a rich visual warmth. A combination of wood tones add to the cosy effect.

Visualizer: Irem Erekinci  

White marble with bold black veining strikes a strong aesthetic appeal.

Visualizer: 小B咔咔  

A rounded shape theme turns a formal neoclassical dining room into a sculptural triumph.

Designer: Lake & Walls  
Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

Colourful dining chairs, an eye-catching sideboard, and bright candle holders create a feast for the eyes.

Designer: Al Tarras  
Visualizer: Injy Ayman  

Smart wainscotting forms a structured backdrop for a wall of marble-backed shelving in this sophisticated space. Sage green upholstered dining chairs introduce a subtle hint of colour.

Visualizer: Irem Erekinci  

A coffered ceiling crowns a neoclassical dining room with a hint of industrial style here. Alcoves of exposed brickwork create a rough juxtaposition against chic moulding and elegant arched windows.

Visualizer: Emil Dervish & Evgenii Bulatnikov  

Cool grey paintwork creates a mildly moody aesthetic. Apply minimalist decor and understated lighting choices to allow classical architectural details to stand proud.

Visualizer: Spectrum Vis  

A sputnik chandelier and Easy Chairs by Pierre Jeanneret create strong style statements inside this light dining room scheme. Greige paintwork defines the stunning ceiling and crown moulding from beige boiserie walls.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Rounded corners apply a contemporary twist to the crown moulding in this dining space. Unique dining room pendant lights make an intriguing display above a unique dining set.

Visualizer: Gabriel Fabra Pérez  

Skip the crumb-catching dining room rug and opt for an easy-clean mosaic tile design instead. This is also effective as a stylish zoning technique in open plan spaces.

Designer: 梦太初  
Visualizer: 梦太初  

The warm flicker of a fireplace gives a dining room a magnetic appeal, where gatherings last long after the food is devoured.

Visualizer: Artem Bukin  

Install multiple dining room pendant lights to fashion a more dramatic visual. You can also ensure that illumination is evenly distributed along the full length of your dining table.

Visualizer: Yuan Ben  

Maintain moulding details in the room even when installing floor-to-ceiling storage. This bank of cabinets around a dining room wet bar displays panel moulding as its main feature. A set of glass doors that lead to the kitchen are finished with a gracefully arched framework.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

Allow neoclassical decor features to fade into a delicate backdrop under plain white paintwork, whilst modern furniture is brought to the forefront in a bold black finish.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Echo the outreach of a large ceiling rose with an equally sizable globe pendant light. Select a round pedestal dining table to keep the curves rolling.

Visualizer: MIC Studio  

Rain a splash of colour over a neutral dining room decor scheme with a coloured glass chandelier.

Visualizer: Angelo Ochoa Mejia  

Create a cohesive lighting scheme with complementary pendants, wall lights, or lamps. This linear chandelier is matched by two chic floor lamps.

Visualizer: Rindes  

In this example, a black circle chandelier coordinates with a pair of neat black wall sconces.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

Funnel attention up toward a spectacular ceiling rose with a show-stopping dining room chandelier.

Designer: Julia Sukhanova  
Visualizer: Maxim Tsiabus  

In a small dining area that’s squeezed to the side of a living space, apply focussed task lighting over the table with a swing arm wall lamp.

Visualizer: Abdelrahman Hegab  

This fabulous crystal chandelier matches the width of a round dining table below it. Crystal wall lights expand the sparkle around the room.

Visualizer: K&B partners  

In an open plan kitchen dining space, matching linear pendant lights create cohesive styling and ensure each area is well-lit and functional.

Designer: Murphy Institute for Space Research  

Bring in decor pieces of different styles and from different eras to curate an eclectic neoclassical mix. See more images here.

Visualizer: Vittorio Bonapace  

Cover neoclassical decor in a bold blanket of black to build dark drama. Add gold accents and atmospheric lighting as bright highlights. In this layout, dining benches are used beside the window to leave the influx of natural light unobscured.

Visualizer: Robin Walker  

Another dark neoclassical concept, this time with classical art as the bright heart of the design.

Visualizer: Lanteng Tiangong Zhu Tingting  

Separate your dining area from the kitchen with obscure glass doors. Fluted glass panels make a fashion-forward statement.

Visualizer: 法式别墅  

Mirror the layout of the room with shapely ceiling moulding.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

Limewashed panel moulding creates a peaceful, laconic look.

Visualizer: Buro One  

Make lighting the main event.

Visualizer: 山乙山合  

Use an assortment of upholstered dining chairs to inject colour and pattern.

Visualizer: Ductien N  

Allow arched windows to stand out by tucking distracting curtain rails behind crown moulding. See more images of this home design here

Visualizer: Kut Victor & Ivan Petechel   

Tuck your dining area up against the kitchen island to save space. A sleek marble space divider contains splashes from the island whilst providing luxe backing for a dining bench.

Visualizer: Nikita Binkevich  

Let nature be the protagonist of the show. See more images of transitional neoclassical interiors here.

Visualizer: Ivan Honcharenko  

Add visual weight to a delicate neoclassical backdrop with chunky furniture silhouettes. See more inspirational images here.

Visualizer: Sarah Habib  

Dive into a teal saturated scheme.

Visualizer: Just Feel  

Whilst this is a combined kitchen diner space, the eating area exudes every drop of formality that you could hope to achieve from any dedicated dining room.

Visualizer: Elshad Kerimov  

In this kitchen diner, a formal eating area tags onto the side of the kitchen island. Twin linear pendant lights mark each zone.

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