Even though we now share one, general stereotype about what a frat boy should look like, there are actually a lot of different styles that divide them. College boys differ based on their background, the part of the country they are in and the fraternity they have joined. But one thing is certain. A massive part of their appeal lies in the frat haircuts they all share. Here are 35 hunky frat haircuts to fall in love with.

1. Classic Frat Haircuts

Here is the classic frat haircut as it is depicted in most movies and TV series. This hairstyle has helped forward the stereotype of the frat boy who is supposed to be somewhat of a jock with a medium haircut and sports clothing representing his university or fraternity.

blonde frat haircuts

2. The Harry Styles

We also have a few celebrities on our list, such as singer Harry Styles who went through a frat boy stage when he was younger. He used to wear rolled up bandanas or even snapbacks as well as T-shirts with American university logos on them.

harry styles frat haircuts

3. Elegant Frat Haircut

Here is another type of frat hairstyle that is just as popular. This is what college boys wear in the South complete with bow ties, pristine shirts, and colorful pants. You might know this type of character as portrayed by Andy from The Office.

elegant frat haircuts

4. Casual Frat Haircuts

This shaggy and very laid-back haircut is accompanied by a Polo Oxford shirt that has been buttoned all the way up plus a pair of khaki shorts. In the world of frat houses and their cultures, clothes are almost a uniform.

Polo Oxford button up + khaki shorts frat haircuts

5. Frat Haircuts at the Beach

You can easily transform your medium-length frat haircut into a beach appropriate one if you just use the right hair care products and the correct accessories. This includes sunglasses, white T-shirts, and leather bracelets.

beach frat haircuts

6. Sunday Frat Haircuts

We’re in love with this layered haircut and all its blonde highlights. And we’re prepared to bet that the ladies are going to love it as well. It’s the perfect haircut for fall when you can wear it with a knitted, woolen jumper.

casual frat haircuts images

7. Ivy League Frat Haircuts

Ivy League haircuts have always been in a league of their own. Pun intended. The haircut was even named after this elitist group of schools, and now everyone knows what an Ivy League hairstyle really is.

 ivy league frat haircuts

8. Shoulder Length Frat Haircuts

Here’s a beautiful shot of a college boy partying with his friends at their frat house. He’s wearing the proper attire of colorful short pants they wear in the South plus a sports coat, white shirt, and a shoulder length haircut.

medium frat haircuts

9. Curly Frat Haircuts

Here’s a piece of advice for all college boys. If you have curls, don’t cut them off. The curls get the girls. Always remember that. There’s just something about curly or wavy hair that simply makes girls melt away.

curly frat haircuts

10. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is undoubtedly a go-to haircut for frat boys. It’s a very simple and straightforward haircut that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Plus, it’s really versatile and super budget friendly.

buzz cuts frat haircuts

11. Gorgeous Frat Haircuts

Here’s a haircut you can adopt if you have thick hair. It’s easy to style considering you will only need a bit of hair wax to arrange it every day and maybe some hairspray to keep your locks in place.

frat haircuts

12. The Ralph Lauren Inspiration

The house of Ralph Lauren has been providing inspiration and fashion collection for college boys for years. This is one of their models dressed in Rugby apparel with a gorgeous short and brushy haircut.

Ralph Lauren Rugby frat haircuts

13. Wavy Frat Haircuts

Wavy chestnut hair with auburn streaks in the sunlight, open collar shirts, and chiseled features. What more could you want? This is the golden trifecta of frat boys that are out to conquer the world in their early twenties.

wavy curly frat haircuts

14. Shaggy Frat Haircuts

You can also go the other way and adopt a much more relaxed and shaggy style. It all depends on your personality and the frat you have entered. Find one that suits you best and stick with it.

shaggy frat haircuts

15. Surfer Frat Haircuts

This is what happens when a surfer boy meets a frat boy. They merge into a glorious version of a summer child with long, blonde, curly hair, tanned skin, and white T-shirts. Don’t forget to learn how to surf!

surfer frat haircuts

16. Frat Haircuts for the Fall

Here’s another staple look that you might have seen repeated more than once around every campus in America. This is the typical look frat boys go for in autumn with a slick middle part and fleece vest to keep them warm.

fall vest frat haircuts

17. Vintage Frat Haircuts

We have included on this list an actual retro photo of a frat boy so that you can see that the style hasn’t changed at all. They wear the same knitted, woolen jumpers, as well as white shirts and pants plus the beautifully cropped haircuts.

classic frat haircuts

18. Feathery Frat Haircuts

This is the type of haircut that says you haven’t yet given up on your high school stage and that you are still a freshman in college. It’s what first years usually wear, but they give it up soon enough in favor of other styles.

feathery frat haircuts

19. The Chandler Bing

Here’s a young Matthew Perry depicting Chandler Bing on the early seasons of Friends. He used to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants as well as a very short haircut with some spikes in the front, typical for the early 90s.

chandler bing frat haircuts

20. The Joey Tribianni

Even though he never went to college, Joey Triabianni of the same show was a major frat boy in character. He was a huge Knicks and Rangers fan and had that stylish teenage 90s heartthrob haircut all girls loved.

joey tribianni frat haircuts

21. Pretty Frat Haircuts

Continuing on the above, here’s how the Chandler Bing looks like today, in 2018. If you look closely, you will notice that it’s exactly the same look he had at the beginning of the 90s with a sweatshirt and a similar short crop with spikes for bangs.

pretty frat haircuts

22. The Harry and William

Although they were never typical frat boys as we consider them here in America, Princes Harry and William deserve to be included on this list because they embodied the spirit and look of a frat boy while they were both in school and college.

harry and william frat haircuts

23. Stylish Frat Haircuts

What could it be that makes frat boys so attractive to girls all around? You can say that it’s their hairstyle or the way they dress, but most of all it’s their confidence. So, however you style your hair or whatever you may wear, wear with confidence.

wavy frat haircuts

24. The Tom Holland

Even though Tom Holland himself was educated in England at Eton, a refined private school for boys and his character Spider-man is merely in high school, he is still the mirror image of a frat boy with his toned physique, sculpted features, and sense of style.

tom holland frat haircuts

25. The Justin Bieber

The Biebs has reinvented himself now that he has grown up to some extent. He has given up the polished teenage look he used to wear in favor of a much more casual and relaxed style that is highly reminiscent of a frat boy.

justin bieber frat haircuts

26. The Shawn Mendes

Another celebrity that can be your inspiration when it comes to frat boys is none other than singer Shawn Mendes. He has the physique, style, and charisma that typically come with the label ‘frat boy.’

shawn mendes frat haircuts

27. The Channing Tatum

Here’s a frat boy if we’ve ever seen one. Actor Channing Tatum seems to have dedicated his life to being a frat boy who doesn’t want to leave his college years behind, at least if you take into account the way he dresses.

channing tatum frat haircuts

28. The Tom Welling

For our younger readers, Tom Welling was a major heartthrob of the 90s and 2000s, having played Superman in the hit TV series Smallville. Think of him as the Tom Holland of that decade with great hair and a fantastic smile.

 tom welling frat haircuts

29. Perfect Frat Haircuts

Frat boys wear so many woolen sweaters it makes you wonder if they hand them out when you apply for college. On a more serious note, the sweater is part of the familiar look of the frat boy we’ve grown so accustomed to.

perfect frat haircuts

30. The Chris Evans

Another famous actor who is a frat boy by definition is actor Chris Evans. He loves this stereotypical look, and we think it’s perfectly fine because it suits him so well. Captain American can pull off anything!

chris evans frat haircuts

31. Sport Casual Look

If you want to match your tie to your shirt, this is the smart way to do it. Choose a contrasting color for your tie as well as a lovely and elegant pattern that can make you look young, fresh, and vibrant.

color coordination frat haircuts

32. The Zac Efron

Not only does Zac Efron look like a frat boy, but he has also played one in several movies. He just gives out that vibe that immediately tells you he’s off to buy a keg of beer and some pool noodles.

zac efron frat haircuts

33. Frat Haircuts with a Comb Over

This hairstyle will require a lot of gel so that you can achieve this wet look which says I just jumped out of the shower and look how cool I am. It’s a medium length haircut with a side part and a comb over.

comb over frat haircuts

34. Beautiful Frat Haircuts

There’s no shortage of finely carved features, square jawlines, and luscious hair when you’re in your early twenties and in a frat. Add some freckles and a pair of emerald green eyes to all that and you’re on your way to superstardom.

beautiful frat haircuts

35. The Louis Tomlinson

This former One Direction member is no stranger to tracksuits and sports clothing. He loves a shaggy haircut as well and has a huge number of tattoos which make him look like one of the coolest frat boys on our list.

louis tomlinson frat haircuts


As you might have noticed from our extensive list, despite the well-spread stereotype, there isn’t just one type of frat haircuts out there. Your inspiration can come from many places, be it former alumni, celebrities or your fellow frat house members. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these ideas was your favorite!

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