When your hair starts changing color, it means just one thing: it’s time to rock those grey hair styles for men. The look is timeless and most surveys seem to point to the fact that women find grey haired men a lot sexier!

So turn that grey shag into a silver fox mane the sight of which will down all onlookers everywhere. Keep your flair even with silver hair or receding hairlines by trying one of the 30 grey hair styles we’ve piled up for you right here.

1. Short Sides Long Top with Shaggy Beard for Grey Hair

2. Slicked Back Wavy Hair

3. Incredible Grey Hair Styles for Men with Locks

4. Duo-Tone Pompadour with Beard

5. Short Grey Hair for Receding Hairlines & Beard

6. Short Beard and Medium Grey Hair

7. The Old George Clooney Grey Hair with Van Dyke Goatee

8. Short Stubble and Dreamy Grey Hair

9. Long Beard and Slick Grey Hair

10. Slightly Greying Hair Pompadour with Short Beard

11. Spiky Grey Hair with Short Stubble

12. Wavy Grey Hair Locks and Van Dyke Beard

13. The Anderson Cooper Look

14. Graying Short Kink + Long Beard

15. Messy Grey Hair

16. Styled Pomp with Short Sides and Stubble

17. Wavy Hair, Clean Shaven

18. Messy Long Grey Hair Look for Thick Hair

19. Absolutely Stunning Grey Hair Styles for Men

20. Clean Shaven Short Hair

21. Extra Short Grey Hair

22. Shaggy Locks with Beard

23. The Sam Elliott Short Grey Hair

24. Widow’s Peak Grey Hair with Long Beard

25. The Sam Elliott Long Grey Hair

26. The Richard Gere

27. The Jeff Bridges Grey Hair Styles for Men

28. The Harrison Ford

29. The Grey Sides, Dark Top

30. Parted Grey Hair with Short Beard


Is your silver hair in check? Does your grey mane draw the looks of everyone around? Let us know!
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