So many cool braids for men are hitting the hairstyles world right now. It’s becoming more and more accepted for men with afro-textured hair (and not only) to wear their hair in cornrows at work. Yet somehow that doesn’t make it less edgy or cool.

Find out how you can rock different braid styles for guys by
browsing our selection. Long braids, short braids – we have ’em all. Even
mohawk braids!

1. Braid Square Pattern with Hair Accessories

2. Spiral Braids for Men with Blonde Highlights and Top Knot

3. “Draids” Braids for Men that Look Like Dreads with Hair Accessories

4. Taper Fade with Asymmetrical Braids

5. Taper Fade with Spider Braids

6. Single Braid and Aggressive Undercut

7. “Vortex” Braids with Two Thick Braids & Beard

8. Man Bun Braids with Square Pattern and Side Decal

9. Man Bun Braids II – Higher Up, Lower Triangular Pattern Sides, and Tapered Undercut

10. Geometrical Triangular Pattern Long Braid

11. Long Kinky & Thick Braids for Men

12. Tribal Pattern Braids with Fade

13. “Question Mark” Spiral Braid

14. Maze Style Braids

15. Dread Braids

16. Classic Ponytail Braid for Blonde Hair

17. Sculpted Braids

18. Ionian Pattern Braids

19. Viking Braids for Men

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20. Interwoven Braids Pattern

21. Z Pattern Long Braids

22. Artsy Design Braids

23. Caramel Braids with Bushy Bun

24. Old Style Box Braids

25. Flowery Design Braids for Men

26. Side Braids for Men

27. Fire Pattern Braids for Men

28. Blonde Braids for Men

29. Hyperrealistic Cornrows Braids for Men

30. Long Braids for Men


Braids are timeless and will always look good for men who
can rock it! So which one did you pick? Let us know how your braids look by
leaving a pin on our Pinterest!

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