Selecting a fitting kitchen floor tile is a great way to transform the look of your kitchen. Selecting the right kitchen tile can give your kitchen a unique and personal style, which can be paired with other materials on the countertop and backsplash to complete the look.

When it comes to picking the right kitchen floor, for many homeowners, tile flooring is the most durable option that can stand the test of time.

Below, you can find the most inspiring kitchen floor tile ideas ranging from timeless classics to contemporary interior design. The kitchen floor tile ideas include diverse materials, patterns, and color palettes that can redefine the character of your kitchen.

Natural stone tiles in grey paired with granite countertops

The flooring in the modern kitchen example below features natural grey stone tiles with more natural materials in the kitchen design itself.

The granite countertops and the dark wood kitchen cabinets are in perfect balance with the tiles. The different materials add texture to the design style and they transform this open-plan space.

A dark wood kitchen with granite countertops and grey floor tiles

via Nordiska Kök

A contemporary kitchen with porcelain tiles

This modern kitchen features floor tile in an off-white color that fits well with the white wall color and the beige wall tiles. The asymmetrical kitchen space is finished off with a lavender trim below the ceiling which adds a unique design element to the space.

White floor tiles in a contemporary kitchen design

via File under Pop

Herringbone tiles in a classic blue kitchen design

The classic blue kitchen cabinets in this historic kitchen are finished off with glossy blue porcelain tile flooring for an impressive effect. The tile choice enhances the design of the space and the herringbone patterned tiles add the most wonderful texture.

A blue shaker kitchen with a glossy blue herringbone kitchen flooring

via File under Pop

Kitchen floor tile ideas with mosaic patterned tiles

The classic patterns in the black and white tile flooring in the kitchen examples below pay homage to the heritage kitchen styles with their elegant appearance.

A sage green corner kitchen with a black and white floor tile pattern

Styled by Helen Sturesson, photographed by Lisa Wikstrand for Kulladal

The beautiful farmhouse kitchen below features the same pattern of kitchen floor tiles for a classic effect. The red tones in the kitchen island are a true focal point in the space, which seems to pop out against the ceramic tile pattern.

A farmhouse kitchen with a black and white floor tile pattern

via Cupboard and Goods

Cement tiles inside a two-tone kitchen with a bold color palette

When you want to go for a modern look in your kitchen, cement tiles can be a great addition. Their neutral tone and color will make your kitchen cabinet color stand out powerfully, just like in the two-tone kitchen below.

A two-tone kitchen with a cement tile floor

via Cupboard and Goods

Natural stone tile flooring in a light grey shaker kitchen

The stone-effect porcelain tiles add a wonderful textural element to this light grey shaker kitchen. The veining on the kitchen floor tile is quite prominent, yet the real focal point is the classic tile on the kitchen backsplash.

A light grey shaker kitchen with a natural stone tile floor

via Himlekök

Limestone kitchen floor tile ideas

Limestone tiles can add a natural effect to any kitchen setting, as this natural stone has a soft and organic expression. This natural aesthetic pairs well with both classic and modern kitchen designs.

In the below example, you can find a beautiful natural stone floor with different-sized tiles that add an organic look to a modern space with wood and stainless steel surfaces.

A grey limestone floor with different size tiles in a modern kitchen design

via Kvänum

In the light grey shaker kitchen below, the rustic grey limestone tiles enhance the classic look of the room. The grey tiles complement the light grey kitchen cabinets and result in a tone-on-tone look.

Grey limestone kitchen flooring in a light grey shaker kitchen

via Kvänum

Large grey tiles decorate the kitchen floor in this space with white, wood, and stainless steel surfaces. The matt surface of the flooring adds a soft aesthetic to the room.

Large limestone tiles in a kitchen with off-white and stainless steel cabinets

via Kvänum

This blue shaker kitchen with beige limestone countertops and an elaborately textured backsplash is balanced out with elegant limestone kitchen floor tiles.

A blue shaker kitchen with a beige limestone countertop, and a grey limestone kitchen floor

via Kvänum

A classic farmhouse kitchen with a contemporary twist

This light grey kitchen with glass upper cabinets is finished with white and light blue square tiles that are laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

A light grey kitchen with white marble countertops and glass upper cabinets paired with an eye-catching white and blue kitchen floor tile in a chequerboard pattern

The sides of the room are finished with white tiles only so that the checkerboard appears like an area rug in the space.

A light grey kitchen with white marble countertops and glass upper cabinets paired with an eye-catching white and blue kitchen floor tile in a chequerboard pattern

via Kvänum

Glossy green porcelain tiles in a contemporary kitchen with classic elements

This is one of the boldest kitchen floor tile ideas on the list, as the dark green porcelain tiles are a true focal point in combination with the black Vipp kitchen. Dark tile color will typically work well in larger kitchen spaces with high ceilings. This is because the dark kitchen floor tiles will make the room appear smaller.

A dark green glossy porcelain tile floor paired with a modern black kitchen and an elaborately painted ceiling

via Vipp

Black and white checkerboard kitchen floor tile ideas

Black and white checkerboard floor tiles are a classic choice. This option is often used as it’s a great feature to add dimension to a space as the contrast draws the eye to the kitchen flooring.

You can place your chequered tiles diagonally in the kitchen space like in the example below. In this case, the kitchen flooring will look more fun and playful.

A kitchen with white shaker cabinets, farmhouse style, black countertops, checkered floor, chrome hardware

via Kvänum

Alternatively, you can have your kitchen floor tile positioned parallel to the direction of the floor plan. This will result in cleaner lines and a more classic look.

A classic white kitchen with black countertops and a chequerboard tile floor

via Kvänum

In the example below, you can see the black and white marble tiles adding texture to a classic kitchen design with dark green shaker cabinets and the walls and ceiling painted in the same color. The stone tiles have their specific texture, which adds another design element to the kitchen area.

A dark grey classic kitchen with black and white marble chequerboard tile floor

via DeVol Kitchens

The large black and white marble floor tile in this beautiful kitchen adds a graphic effect to the wood kitchen cabinets and the intrinsic veining in the marble countertop and backsplash.

An oak kitchen inspired by mid-century English furniture, from deVOL kitchens, with. marble chequerboard tile floor

via DeVol Kitchens

The vinyl flooring in the white kitchen with black countertops in the below example has a square tile pattern that looks like tile. Vinyl is one of the more budget-friendly flooring trends that can be made to look like a tile kitchen floor.

It’s a great option for those of you who want to give the tile aesthetic a try before replacing your kitchen floors.

a black and white kitchen with a  chequerboard floor made from vinyl

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Frederik Karlsson for Alvhem

Grey marble kitchen flooring

The elaborate veining and texture in these gorgeous grey marble floor tiles transform the interior design of this modern kitchen. The same marble is also used on the backsplash and the countertops for a cohesive effect in the space.

Since the marble is such a focal point, the rest of the kitchen design is more modest. The off-white kitchen cabinets and the light grey walls complement the floor tiles perfectly.

A grey marble floor that comes back on the backsplash and countertop of this off-white kitchen

via Kvänum

Wood-look kitchen floor tiles

With wood-look tile flooring, you can combine the best of both worlds. Wood-look tiles pair the enduring appeal of floor tiles with the warming textural effect of a hardwood floor. While wood floors are often used in a kitchen remodel, you must be somewhat careful with spills.

A truly bespoke kitchen with red shaker cabinets and a wood-look tile floor, from deVOL kitchens

via DeVol Kitchens

In this spacious farmhouse kitchen, the wood-look tiles and the beige limewash walls bring warmth to the neutral kitchen design. As opposed to the other kitchen floor tile ideas on the list, wood-look tile has a more subtle and quiet effect in your kitchen space.

A farmhouse kitchen with an impressive marble countertop and a wood-look tile floor

Image by Our Food Stories, kitchen by DeVol kitchens

Terracotta tiles for a traditional kitchen look

Terracotta tiles will add earthy and warm tones to your kitchen design. In the green kitchen example below, the matt and natural texture of the floor tiles are paired with dark green kitchen cabinets and glossy green tiles on the backsplash.

To match the color and tone of the terracotta tiles, terracotta plant pots decorate the open shelving on the kitchen wall.

Terracotta floor tiles in a dark green kitchen with a green tile backsplash

via DeVol Kitchens

Encaustic tile in a laundry kitchen

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles produced with different clay colors to achieve the pattern. This prevents the design on the tile from fading, providing more durability and allowing the tile to last for decades.

The encaustic tiles in the small kitchen below add texture to the space that is decorated in a warm color palette. The other elements like the blue cabinets, red curtains, and gold hardware all complement the beautiful pattern on the floor tiles perfectly.

The right tile design can truly transform the look of a space. In this example, the flooring is the cherry on top of an already unique kitchen design.

Encaustic tiles with a beautiful pattern in a small kitchen with pink walls

via DeVol Kitchens

Hexagon tiles add texture and separate functional areas

While most kitchen floor tile ideas on this list feature one kind of tile, you can also opt to pair different tile choices together. This will result in a playful kitchen design. When combining different tiles, the design possibilities are endless.

In this beautiful kitchen with white cabinets and a green tile backsplash, the cement tiles turn into hexagonal tiles around the kitchen island. The hexagonal tile accentuates the island and visually separates the cooking space from the rest of the living kitchen.

Hexagon tiles around a kitchen island in a modern white kitchen with black countertops

via Ballingslōv

Hardwood flooring with a tile pattern painted on top

While these are not typically kitchen floor tile ideas as much as a kitchen floor hack, I thought it’s worth including painted wood flooring to the list. By painting a tile pattern on your old wood floors, you can create the impression of floor tiles, without having to invest. A win-win if you ask me.

A wood floor painted to look like tiles in a classic light grey kitchen with a shiplap backsplash

via Entrance Makleri

In the eclectic kitchen design below, the hardwood floors are painted white, with the addition of a few diamonds in different colors. By painting the floors in both the kitchen and the dining room, an impressive effect is achieved in the space.

A wood floor painted to look like tiles in a historic kitchen with modern interior elements

via Reform CPH

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