In the midst of the rise of digital music, it turns out that there are still people who like vinyl record. Some look for it in secondhand shops to buy it online to be used as a collection. Apart from its historical value, listening to music with vinyl records will take you back in time. If you are someone who likes to listen to music in this format, you must have a large collection of vinyl record that are sometimes confused about how to store or display them in the room.

Vinyl record can be very decorative, especially if you really pay attention in terms of care so that the quality of your LPs will always be well maintained. Try to think about how your efforts to bring vinyl record, both in terms of time and cost are not small. That’s why as a collector it’s very important to keep your collection of records as good as possible. In fact, some vinyl records are not only trendy decorations but also have high selling points.

There are many creative ways to display vinyl records, from providing special shelves, cabinets, to displaying them on the wall as part of the décor. So, today I want to inspire you with some interesting ideas to display more collections of vinyl records to make the room more aesthetic.


Display it vertically

Many people think that storing vinyl record vertically can keep them from getting damaged. If you stack the LPs it can cause an increase in pressure that can damage the disc. You can arrange them in a cabinet or shelf that is designed to store vinyl records. We recommend that you leave the vinyl record in its cover and try to always clean the surface on the record


Make a decorative display

Vinyl records can turn out to be an extraordinary art collection. In addition to storing them normally, you can turn them into wall hangings or decorative ornaments in the room. Some vinyl records look great on a wall, placing them in a cool shelving design, or creating an organized display table. Another way to turn a collection of vinyl record into works of art is to use an open cabinet or buffet that has storage compartments on its legs.


Treatment is the main thing

Whether it’s an old or new record, keep it clean and in good condition. You can find at most record stores some materials or brushes for cleaning vinyl records. You don’t need to clean the surface of the vinyl record every day, just a few times a week to extend its life. The best advice is to apply between two and three drops of the cleaning solution to the brush, then clean the vinyl in a circular motion.

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