Choosing a particular style for a child’s room can be a difficult decision, and sometimes you need to involve your little one in the decision. But the good news is that there is a choice of ideas for kids bedroom that is quite easy, namely using eclectic. The eclectic style is a combination of many different styles. That means spaces without rules, where the old meets the new, stripes meet animal prints, neutrals meet bright, and any mix of styles you want.

An eclectic nursery is characterized by signature features, such as bursts of color, big beautiful rugs, teepees, patterns and prints. Of course, you don’t just mix everything up, eclectic doesn’t mean anything is allowed here and there are a few tips needed to create a cool design. Today’s post I’ve put together some eclectic nursery ideas, and how to apply them to a nursery to make it look beautiful, comfortable, and elegant. If you happen to be a fan of the eclectic style, you’ll find all the inspiration below!


Mixing and blending colors

The eclectic style features the right color proportions, it shouldn’t be too bright because the space needs to be a little quieter so that your little one can sleep comfortably. If you want to add a light color, keep the walls and floor neutral so they don’t feel stark. You can mix colors however you want, but spread your primary colors throughout the room. Another idea, choose one color that serves as the focal point of the room. This is especially important if you are mixing lots of colors or creating unusual combos from different eras in decorating. Even if an eclectic space allows for many colors, stick with at least one color, so it still gives a cohesive look.


Patterns and Textures

An eclectic nursery has lots of patterns and textures. The key is to match at least one color, and choose a matching pattern. In general, you will notice that geometric shapes, lines, or even dots work very well with natural motifs such as star prints, flowers, fern or leaf patterns, even bird or animal designs which are suitable for kids room. Combining rough and smooth textures adds visual interest, especially when you choose a simple color palette. While mixing textures is very popular, you can also use one texture in several places to maintain a cohesive look.


The right combination of furniture

What most defines an eclectic nursery is the combination of different styles combined in such a way that they complement each other. Decorate kids bedrooms with items they like, so children will feel more comfortable when they are in the room. Please note that balance and scale are very important in this style. Your furniture may not be from the same decade, or even the same century but it should still fit the theme of the space. Similar lines create design harmony, even if the furniture pieces are of a different style, texture or period. Consider baskets, bookshelves, wall hangings and wooden tables. These elements lend a comfortable and lively atmosphere to the children’s room.

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