For game fans, especially PC gaming, this activity is one of the choices for many people to have fun and unwind. What’s more, there are currently a lot of gaming equipment, from PCs, speakers, to furniture that are designed for your comfort when playing games. However, gaming devices certainly cost a lot of money, making it difficult for gamers to have the gaming space they desire.

The concept of a minimalist room has always been considered a solution for small or budget-friendly rooms. You can also apply this design to a gaming room with the right settings. Even though your computer and gaming accessories are simple, you can still create cool gaming room decorations. If you’re confused about what kind of design fits into your budget, here are some gaming room setup ideas and tips for maximizing them into your space!


Adjust to the size of the room you have

No matter how large a room you have, you can make it feel comfortable with the right place arrangement ideas. The gaming room actually doesn’t need a large space, you only need a few square meters to place PC devices and furniture, to organized storage. However, the gaming space should not be too narrow because it will affect your comfort when playing games.


Supported gaming devices

Gaming devices or PCs are one of the main factors that must be owned to play games. For a high-spec computer, it will probably cost quite a bit. That’s why make sure your computer doesn’t cost too much but can still play your favorite genre of games. The solution, you can use an assembled PC or monitor with the appropriate size and adequate resolution so that it can be played optimally.


Speaker for added gaming fun

In addition to PC devices, speakers are definitely one of the important elements that make playing games more enjoyable. So, make sure you choose a quality speaker so that it can produce the sound you expect. Today there are many speakers specifically designed for gaming at affordable prices.


Cozy gaming furniture

Good furniture will certainly support your comfort playing games. From choosing a table that can accommodate a PC device to a gaming chair that is comfortable to use for a long time. In addition, you can also choose multifunctional furniture that is equipped with a storage area to a place for drinks. This gaming furniture not only makes it easier for you to play games but also makes the whole room look cool and aesthetic.


Gaming room lighting

It’s not uncommon for gaming rooms to usually have amazing lighting. Put LED, RGB, and neon lights to make the gaming room look aesthetic. You can decorate tables to the walls of the gaming room with lighting ideas. Starting from a PC, keyboard, to a mouse that lights up is also the main attraction.

Here are more gaming room ideas that will make your room cooler!




















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