No matter whether it’s the bedroom or the playroom, kids always love to stain the walls with their favorite doodles and drawings. That’s why decorating a child’s room can be tricky because apart from being functional and practical, it’s environmentally friendly, looks cool, and must always be neat and well organized. Combining all the features is certainly not easy, especially true for children’s rooms because here they may spend not only hours but also the whole day. Children’s rooms should have creative and colorful designs but also show their creative side.

If you happen to have kids and want to create a kid-friendly, stylish space, while showing off their personality, try showcasing them with wall art. Kids wall art or gallery wall are the easiest way to give personality and character to a space, can make your little one proud, and are easy to create without taking up a lot of space or budget. Planning wall art children can choose any shape they like, for example a grid shape or a free form that can accept all the artwork. But if it’s kids, freeform has more shapes to choose from with a gallery wall or colorful wall frames as they add even more appeal and interest.


Frame Kids Artwork

Kids love to create whatever they like, and it will make them proud. So, try to appreciate their art by displaying their work in various attractive frames. The trick is to place them in a specific frame and focus on what they do to the room. Whether it’s bringing color or texture, follow your little one’s wishes and direct what kind of work of art they want to show off. For example, you can leave the frame low to make it easier for little ones to reach the work, or create a gallery wall with children’s art and signs, such an eclectic look is the key to success.


Kids Wall Art Ideas

Give your little one the freedom to choose a color theme for the walls or even have all the colors of the rainbow but you still have to find a balance. Make sure the wall art looks harmonious with each other, at least place the art pieces next to colors that coordinate with them. If you want to feature too many patterns, patterns, and colors in your kids room, you can create balance with matting or frames in the same style. For example, adding neon lights, string lights, wall bookcases, baskets, decorative displays, and more to your kids wall art to make it look bolder and truly unique.

Find wall art ideas to stying your favorite style below!





















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