Terrariums are usually made as a gardening solution in limited land. Besides giving a natural and green impression in the room, the terrarium also adds aesthetic value to the room. That is why terrariums are always a beautiful decoration option especially for any season and holiday. Terrarium itself is a plant that is placed in a container made of glass, so this glass container is likened to a pot where plants grow. But a Christmas terrarium is completely different, it’s a snowy scene or some sort of creating a diorama featuring a typical Christmas atmosphere to create a holiday vibe.

The Christmas terrarium focuses more on style and various decor elements. You can make a terrarium using real greenery or succulent plants, or decorate it with fake plants. In addition, there are decorative elements that become the main attraction, such as placing ornaments on deer, gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, snowmen, and many more. In this post I have prepared some great ideas and tips for making your own terrarium, maybe you’ll want to add one to your collection below for this coming Christmas!


Terrarium for Christmas decoration

A Christmas terrarium is an easy way to take center stage in any space. Place them on a table, fireplace, console table, coffee table, wall shelf, or any other piece you’d like to add some magic to. Large terrariums with lighting make for a cosy Christmas atmosphere, while smaller terrariums can also be given as Christmas gifts to friends, family or someone you care about. Making a Christmas terrarium is very easy and inexpensive, but this decoration has a high decorative value. If you happen to want to bring elements of nature into your room or are looking for a unique Christmas decoration, then you will love one of these Christmas terrariums.






Easy to make and budget-friendly

Sometimes we often get confused when we want to decorate Christmas. And if your main goal is to have fun, avoid going for elaborate decorations. Christmas terrariums are not only easy to make, but they are also budget-friendly. The first step is to find the exact glass piece you want to use. These can be glass jars, large glasses, mason jars, glass cases, lanterns, or whatever other items you have on hand. The bigger the size, the more dioramas you can display! There are more creative ideas like building a greenhouse or performing a winter fairy tale, it’s up to you.








Making a Christmas terrarium

There is no limit to how you should make your Christmas terrarium, of course it has to match the theme and colors you want to display to match the holiday decorations. If you have decided on a theme, now put some fake snow inside the glass or you can also use moss and greenery. Then decide what diorama you want to feature: snow house with trees, van carrying trees, forest scene with deer, cute snowmen, winter holiday huts and much more. Lastly, provide lighting ideas with lamps for a more awesome look.










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