There’s a lot to change the look of a kitchen to make it look cooler. From choosing furniture to adding colors that are the main attraction in the room. Not only that, but the kitchen lighting design can also be a practical way to add a new touch to your kitchen. From simple, modern to rustic kitchen lighting, but this time I want to focus on industrial lighting ideas.

Industrial lighting has been around for years, and is still very popular today. It has a timeless style that can be added to any space, and the kitchen is no exception. Apart from providing a feeling of comfort, industrial lighting can be applied to any style of kitchen. If you want to get an extraordinary impression from a kitchen, consider adding industrial lighting designs. More than just functional, the use of industrial lighting will make any kitchen look more aesthetic. Enjoy!


There are several things you will gain by adding industrial lighting, and here are tips to get you started.

Modern look with industrial lighting

Industrial kitchens are timeless, but you can also add a modern twist with industrial lighting. This lighting idea enhances a room’s character, while modern lines of furniture and fixtures make it feel more open. It is all about how you combine modern and industrial elements to create a comfortable kitchen.

Add natural texture for a rustic feel

Industrial lamps do have characteristics that distinguish them from lamp designs in general, in the sense that they have their own uniqueness. If you like a country kitchen, industrial lighting is great combined with natural textures such as wood accents, brick walls, or even adding plants in the room.


Apart from the two styles above, industrial lighting is also suitable to be applied to any kitchen theme. From modern, minimalist, vintage, bohemian, Scandinavian, and many more. However, note that there are a number of things you should consider when you want to add industrial lighting to your kitchen.

Choose the best area in the kitchen for industrial lighting

Another thing you need to consider is related to the placement of industrial lights that will be used. Try to choose an appropriate area so that the lamp can provide maximum lighting in the room. Then also choose the type of lamp that is suitable for your room. It can be pendant lighting, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, cabinet lamps and many more.

Add industrial lighting wherever you need it

Adding light in several places can indeed provide maximum lighting. However, also make sure that its use is not excessive so as not to spoil the appearance of the room. So only use lighting in areas that you really need it, either on the ceiling or on the kitchen cabinet.

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