The right facade design determines the appearance of the entire house. So, before you focus on interior decoration, it is better to first consider the outer side or exterior of a building. This includes all outdoor parts, for example the front, side and back yard. The shape of the facade itself follows the architectural style of the house, but if you want to display a pleasant natural feel, try adding natural accents as part of the facade of your house.

If interpreted, a facade is the appearance or outside of a building. There are many choices of house facade designs including minimalist, contemporary, rustic, industrial and natural nuances. The natural-looking facade has proven to be effective in creating a simple yet refreshing appearance, which is the main attraction. With a nature-inspired house facade, your dream home can look different and more aesthetic.

Dreams can start from here. Is the facade of your house as desired? Find cool ideas for your favorite house facades, save and share!


Natural House Facade

The easiest way to give a cool impression to the facade of the house is to add more green plants. For example, you can put several pots of plants and flowers in front of the entrance and around the fence. However, also make sure the plant pot does not interfere with mobility or even block the road. For a vintage look, choose a gate and wooden fence that looks natural then apply vines around the gate and front wall of the house. Decorating the facade of a house with vines is not easy. You need to adapt the house design concept to the front yard landscape. The front of this house will look cooler by covering all the walls with vines. This appearance will be more complete with a stretch of green grass and several lush trees around the house.


Industrial House Facade

One of the characteristics of industrial design is exposing the building materials of the house so that they appear natural. In fact, this style can also be combined with a modern house facade. Vines look harmonious combined with wooden wall materials. The combination of these two elements gives a natural impression to the house. To add a green feel to the carport area, you can use grass paving blocks or cover the entire yard with grass.


Contemporary House Facade

Contemporary house design refers to a house style that is not tied to an era and has an unusual shape. For example, contemporary house facade designs with tropical holiday-like accents. This design is very suitable for houses in tropical areas or hot climates so that the room still feels cool. A fresh feel is felt by adding a large expanse of grass and a tree typical of tropical areas which provides coolness. If it’s still not enough, you can add vine elements to the front of the roof or walls of the house.


Minimalist House Facade

A minimalist house facade does not always seem simple and monotonous. You can also accentuate the coolness by adding the right garden landscape. For example, you can create a certain area as a place to put potted plants and flowers. This can be anywhere, on the side of the road leading to the door of the house or creating a box-shaped corner which can be used as a small garden in front of the house. To make it more impressive, complete it with a small garden lamp that leads to your plant collection. That way, the plant pots can stand out at night. Get inspired!


















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