Soon Christians all over the world will prepare to welcome the Easter holiday. This celebration is so important because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death and sin, usually taking place on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox, which is around March 25 to April 25. Even though the Easter celebration is always looked forward to every year, many people are still confused about what decorations are most appropriate? As we know there are several decoration elements that are always present at Easter, for example Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter candy, Easter dishes, and don’t forget the Easter tree.

Trees are probably the most popular decoration for any celebration. We have Christmas trees, Halloween trees, Valentine’s trees, Thanksgiving trees, and finally Easter trees. So, why should you bring a tree as part of your Easter celebration at home? They’re absolutely perfect whether large or small, easy to make, and will make a huge impact on the entire room. So, what kind of Easter tree idea best suits your style? Below we have summarized some of the most aesthetic DIY Easter trees that you can make in just a few minutes.


Branch Easter trees

Easter tree branches are the best alternative for all room decoration needs. You can place them in any area during the festive season, for example the center of the dining table, on top of a cupboard, hang them and more. Take some green or flowering branches, real or fake, and decorate them with Easter eggs, bunnies, pompoms, and other goodies you like for spring. Don’t miss out, complete with eggs, rabbits and fake birds that you can make yourself to decorate your branches. This decoration can be made for your room according to its color and style. Fake branches will last longer, while real branches will add a fresher feel to your decor. Such a tree will be a wonderful centerpiece or wonderful decoration for any room.


Christmas tree set up for Easter

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an Easter tree arranged like Christmas. To do this, take your regular Christmas tree and decorate it for Easter. Choose an Easter-themed color scheme, ornaments, knick-knacks and accessories. If your Christmas tree is pastel, it will be easier, although white also looks great. Then choose bunnies, bunny ears, fake eggs and birds, carrots and grass, fake flowers and leaves, and everything else that fits and create the best decoration for your room. If you think it’s too complicated, choose pastel colored baubles and some gingham bunting and flower garlands, all of which will work too. You don’t actually need to throw away your Christmas tree, it can work any festive season. Scroll down and get inspired!


















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