Sometimes a sense of calm and comfort can be realized from what is around us, such as room decoration which has a big impact on mood, mindset, and even the health of the body and mind. This is why I’ve always loved Japanese style bedrooms and I’m sure you will too.

The Japandi style was born as a result of a collaboration between a natural and minimalist Japanese style and a Scandinavian style which is rustic, clean and simple. The combination of the two creates a design that focuses on firm shapes, bright colors and a clean atmosphere. When this style is applied to the bedroom, you will feel more relaxed to unwind.

This helps create a space that helps you sleep quality time, even the Japanese bedroom does not require a large space because it is more concerned with comfort. This Japandi bedroom idea will allow you to sleep naturally, creating a sanctuary in your bedroom through a calming, even space-saving scheme so it is more efficient. Please scroll down to find your favorite bedroom design with Japandi style!



Japandi bedrooms are synonymous with neutral rooms, so a choice of bright colors will appear in almost the entire room. Even if you go for a bold look, there are no distracting colors and it should be really calming. You can add a variety of bright colors with neutral accents such as wood tones or a natural look. Neutral colors such as white, gray, and brown are dominant, but you can also choose bolder color accents for a modern bedroom.



The bed is mandatory furniture that you must have for comfort. For Japandi style, choose a lower bed with a charming design. As a consideration the furniture must be really low, lots of wood, and some natural elements as part of the décor.


Strict line

It doesn’t matter whether it’s horizontal or vertical lines, a bedroom with lots of bold wooden lines really reflects the classic Japanese style. Not only placing it on the wall, these firm lines also apply when selecting furniture.


Industrial elements

Japandi design is not only about wood materials and traditional elements. Many designers are incorporating modern accents by incorporating industrial materials such as concrete. The impression of a firm and elegant room can be seen from the use of concrete walls and floors.


Natural lighting

One of the design elements in Japandi style is the use of lots of natural light. With maximum access to natural light, the room will feel brighter and more comfortable. In addition, use space-saving concepts such as placing minimalist furniture which makes the bedroom feel more spacious.


Indoor plants

Japandi bedrooms often use nature as inspiration. From houseplants to stunning tree branches with autumn leaves. This natural element will transform the whole look into Japandi style as it brings a refreshing outdoor vibe to the bedroom.

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