For pet bird lovers, it is not unusual for the house to be filled with various types of bird cages. Apart from being a home for birds, the presence of bird cages is often used as decoration or part of the room decoration. Moreover, if you keep more than one bird, both indoors and outdoors will certainly be filled with bird cages. If some people choose to use bird cages only as ornaments, you can even easily find them at flea markets to use in decorating your home.

This post has more birdcage ideas, especially for pet bird lovers. There are many popular birdhouse options today, but we really love the vintage style that easily blends into any interior scheme. They are truly beautiful and timeless, so we are sure these simple tips and vintage birdhouse ideas will become your favorites. Let’s see!


Indoor birdcage

There are no rules on where you should put the bird cage. Even though bird cages are generally ideal for being outdoors, some types of birds are expensive so owners need to protect them. However, using bird cages indoors often damages the decoration, especially if the birdcage you have is large. The small size of the room is certainly a problem in itself, so you have to work around this by choosing a design and size of bird cage that suits the concept of the room. If possible, you can decorate the bird cage with various themes and unique decorations, for example adding natural elements such as plants, flowers or other shades of green. Another idea is to place the bird cage in an area that is rarely used, such as the corner of a room, near a window, or hang it from the ceiling of the house.


Vintage style bird cages

Like a house, a birdcage must also be a comfortable place for your pet bird to live. It must have good air circulation, be quite spacious, and of course have a beautiful design. Vintage nuanced bird cages are perhaps one of the most popular for indoor bird cage use. The design is antique, elegant and never feels out of date making this bird cage the best choice at the moment. You can choose a bird cage made of iron, bamboo or wood depending on your taste. Cover the bird cage in any color according to your room, from natural colors, neutrals, gold, to shabby chic.

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