The spooky season is here and Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids. This Halloween felt extra special because I wanted to make more kids Halloween decorations for fun at home. One of the first things I instilled in my children was reading, so I couldn’t wait to start transforming the bookshelves and reading nooks that the kids would love.

When the holidays arrive, I try my best to make my little one feel bored. Not only during Halloween, even other celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, even St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick, has his own bookshelf decoration with a matching theme. I’m sure the attractive appearance of the bookshelf will attract them to read, and there’s nothing more exciting than adding a little spooky decoration there.

However, I also wanted to make it feel more fun and add some garland, small decorations, pumpkins, bats, banners, and maybe a skull. Any kid would love it, and honestly I think I enjoyed it too.


Kids Halloween bookshelf decorations

When it comes to Halloween, for many kids it can be a little scary. However, instead of keeping them quiet because your little one will become increasingly curious about something they think is new. So, you may need to decorate your house with a kid-friendly Halloween theme, and this includes children’s Halloween bookshelves. Choose a softer or neutral color palette like white, blue, or brown on the bookshelves while still having a Halloween feel. Then decorate the bookshelf with a variety of adorable Halloween ornaments, such as ghost banners, wreaths, mini pumpkins, skulls, bats, witch hats, spiders, and more. Choosing bright bookshelf colors is also effective in attracting your little one’s interest in reading or adding lighting such as neon lights and string lights to make it even more attractive.


Kids Halloween bookshelf ideas

Bookshelves are one of the easiest and most space-saving decorations. That is why bookshelves are very popular in children’s rooms. If you want a fun Halloween bookshelf, there are lots of ways you can choose without breaking the bank. They are cute to look at and have an amazing story as an attraction full of mystery. You can attach a bookshelf to the wall or create a comfortable reading corner for your little one. If you don’t have an idea yet to make the reading nook feel comfortable, you can add a super soft ghost pillow and a hot pink pumpkin. From the playroom, to the bedroom, to the kids’ cozy reading nook, these Halloween bookshelf ideas will make their holiday even more fun.


















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