Scandinavian or Nordic decoration has influenced the world a lot. This is a relaxed and calming style, not too formal and easy to fit into many rooms. It is characterized by being filled with natural light, a love of nature, simple and gentle, meaning that it has everything you need without going overboard. That’s the reason why you have to add this style to the children’s room. Scandinavian style is perfect for being gender neutral with a calming color palette, usually consisting of black, white, or gray and they always make for a cool combination.

When you want to apply it to a kids room, we have to make the room more pleasant and comfortable, and a minimalist appearance will make the room feel more spacious. Freshen up room accents with pastel or muted colors to make a room more cheerful, quirky and bright. If you don’t want a neutral look, choose cute motifs, such as stripes, stars, polka dots, hearts, and others that children like. We’ve put together some tips and ideas for bringing this style to a nursery, let’s check it out!


Color scheme

Scandinavian style can be easily seen from the use of interior colors. For example, beige and brown are perfect for a Scandi room, you can also choose black, white, and gray for a cool monochromatic color scheme. If you think the choice of colors is boring for a child’s room, simply add bright or pastel colors. Pastel color choices can always make any room style more welcoming and inviting.



The easiest way to add a true Nordic accent to a child’s room is to choose functional and minimalist furniture. In this case we recommend using IKEA furniture as it is the best pioneer of Scandinavian style. IKEA furniture tends to be easy to hack and color so it’s perfect for any nursery theme. Another idea, use furniture in solid black, gray, white, or natural wood shades. Such decorations will add stained bits here and there to soften the look. Don’t be afraid of patterned furniture, textiles and pillows to enhance the look of a room.



Scandinavian style is included in decorations that are easy to apply. You can add pastel colored textiles and patterns, as well as include some eye-catching wall decorations such as stickers and wallpaper. For comfort, soft rugs will cushion the kids and keep them cozy all day long, while neutral-colored curtains are also great for creating an airy feel. If the kids are active enough, adding artwork, posters or decorative displays are perfect for a Nordic room, try creating an entire gallery wall.

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