Working at home has become a common thing nowadays, so now a home office is one room that is no less important. Not only for ordinary office employees, especially for those who really decide to work at home, they must have a comfortable and efficient work space. However, sometimes we often have difficulty when faced with decorating a work space. Apart from the limited space, organizing the work space must also pay attention to several things such as the storage area.

Unused and unused spaces such as hallways make good use of working from home. You’d be surprised at how many clever solutions you can implement to give yourself the workspace you need. From creating a conducive work space, smart storage areas, to functional furniture. Here are some tips and ideas for building an ideal workspace in the hallway.


Maximizes hallway area

The entire hallway is a great potential to get a dream workspace. So, take advantage of every inch of space by choosing office chairs that are easy to store, narrow desks, and also wall storage above them. Almost any unused area can be used as a work space, even for the commons.


Practical and functional small table

When you come up with a small table that can accommodate everything, then this is a big idea in a small room. Choose a compact work desk to allow for work space, making it more space efficient. However, because of its concise shape, it does not mean that there is no additional space, such as drawers and table tops that can still accommodate some of your important items.


Get wall storage

The wall is an empty area where you can add any kind of storage there. This area really works on narrow aisles. For example, you can create built-in wall storage above your work desk or other wall. It also looks great as a home library or a place to showcase your art and collectibles.


Add extra lighting

Hallways are usually dark so you will need extra lighting. If your hallway is filled with natural light, then complete it with a chandelier so that the lighting is more abundant and evenly distributed. The right pendant light design will provide good, glare-free lighting and will suit most workspace styles.


Use scrap wallboards

Finally, you may want to add a row of scrap wallboards to make the room more functional and personal. This is the perfect board for important notes, artwork, photos and other decorations. Even though you work from home, you must always be disciplined and stay focused so that the work can be done to the fullest.

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