Bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the house. In fact, this area is often the best place to unwind after a day of activities. If you happen to like the hot tropical atmosphere, enjoy a vacation there, or even live there, you can also apply a tropical style to your bathroom. This style is also easy to apply to small bathrooms, especially for those of you who often face a lack of space in your home and functional spaces such as bathrooms are made too narrow.

So, how do you organize a cozy bathroom, highlight style, choose the right colors, and add everything you might need? First skip the bathtub as this piece of furniture always takes up a lot of space, then opt for a shower for a small, tropical-inspired bathroom.

Tropical bathrooms provide a spa-like experience both indoors and outdoors. In fact, you don’t need to include many elements, sometimes just a few touches are enough to improve the mood.

Style and color

Tropical bathrooms can adhere to any style, such as neutral, colorful, moody, and many more. Some popular tropical colors include emerald, pink, fuchsia, gold and black, you can even choose various color mixtures according to your wishes. Tropical bathrooms can have modern, vintage, glam, retro, contemporary or even minimalist nuances.


Indoor tropical bathroom

If you want to create an indoor tropical bathroom with lots of greenery around, you can always use green mosaic tiles, bamboo, stone bathroom fixtures, and potted green plants wherever you like. Don’t miss out, also add photo wallpaper with plants, mostly tropical plants, and also tropical foliage, bamboo-framed mirrors and pebbles under the bathtub will make your bathroom like a spa. For small bathrooms, using a shower with a stunning view of the surroundings will make you relax and enjoy a pleasant bathing experience. Gold and brass elements will create a chic impression, while carved stone sinks and tubs will make your room feel more nuanced. Lastly, placing various types of tropical plants in pots or hanging will make your room more refreshing.










Outdoor tropical bathroom

For decoration, there are many styles and ideas to try: minimalist, boho, vintage, industrial, but this time we will focus on a tropical style that is like a holiday. You can choose anything you like depending on the outdoor area you have. To give your outdoor space a spa feel, you can add gravel on the ground, install a wooden deck or tiles on top. Potted greenery will freshen up any outdoor bathroom, including placing many types of tropical plants. Lanterns or various hanging lamps will brighten the room and make it more welcoming, which also means more calming.











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