When it’s summer we all get ready to be outdoors. Not only do you want to spend it with friends and family, this season is also the best time to celebrate it with someone you love. Surprise your partner by placing outdoor furniture, new accessories, renovations and much more. And if you want a truly romantic outdoor space, consider building an outdoor bathroom. So, why should it be an outdoor bathroom? I think it’s a fun place to pass as a couple before taking a dip in the pool, the outdoor bathroom will also provide a spa-like experience that will make you and your partner feel relaxed.

You don’t need a large area of land or garden, you can create a comfortable outdoor bathroom with simple arrangements. It can be completely open or connected to the outdoors, the styles and colors are varied, you are even free to add themes such as Scandinavian to shabby chic, minimalist, rustic, or holiday nuances with tropical themes. Here I have collected some romantic outdoor bathroom ideas that will inspire you. Please scroll down and find your favorite!


Romantic Outdoor Shower

If you need a shower and you are a fan of this style of shower, then go with your favorite shower idea. Choose a style that emphasizes a romantic vibe and suits your outdoor space, minimalist, tropical, boho, beach, nature, vintage, rustic and many more. Even if it’s just a shower, pay attention to privacy so that you and your partner feel comfortable by adding multiple screens. Decorate around the shower with a variety of flowers and plants, wooden mats or pebbles, pergolas to keep out too much sun, and add accessories for storage. I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than enjoying a refreshing shower on a really hot day.










Romantic Outdoor Bathroom

Want to bring the holiday feel outdoors? A romantic outdoor bathroom is just what you need. Choose a bathroom design according to your personality and then clad the walls or install screens that give you and your partner some privacy. Choose a cozy tub, this will be the main focus of our design this time, so it should truly showcase your style. Green plants in pots or vines on the wall are great for adding a natural feel, or if you are lucky to have a garden in the backyard then it is the perfect spot. Lastly, don’t forget the bath accessories that will make it more enjoyable, from shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, towels, and many more. Prepare yourself to be inspired!











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