Japanese décor has long been known for its rich tradition and history, featuring not only minimalist designs but also bringing lots of natural elements into the decor. However, as time goes by, Japanese designers have managed to add a modern style that blends with nature. As befits a beautiful Japanese garden, this balcony idea is inspired by the use of a minimalist environment with a harmonious and cozy feel.

Japanese balcony style adds more comfort than you expect. There is a mini garden, pond, moss and rocks with a bamboo fountain that feels very aesthetic for a small balcony. This is a relaxing outdoor oasis where you can spend time with your surroundings. If you need a place to relax on the weekends, or just like the Japanese garden style then bringing it to your balcony is the best idea.

I am always amazed how such a small balcony area can blend in with nature, modern design and relaxing décor elements. So, there’s no reason why you should turn down this Japanese balcony!


Balcony plants

The Japanese balcony is a small area where you can relax while getting closer to nature. You don’t have to go overboard with the decor, everything is perfectly balanced because the Japanese balcony adheres to a minimalist style. Start by placing plants in the corners of your balcony: moss as the base, then combine them with your favorite grasses and green plants. You can also add some trees, bonsai or bamboo plants which are characteristic of Japanese gardens. Lush plants are not a must, the more peaceful space you want, then simplicity is the key for a Japanese balcony.


Balcony accented with pebbles and rocks

Your Japanese balcony design will not be complete without presenting gravel and stone accents. They are a must-find element of decoration in Japanese landscaping. So, add gravel, small stones and boulders for a cool base to your Japanese balcony. Another idea, wood elements like floor decks are also very interesting for this style, or you can also feature bamboo as part of the décor.


Balcony with traditional elements

Japanese style is always synonymous with traditional elements both in the arrangement and use of decorations. Place stone lanterns, stone water bowls, bamboo fountains for a stunning zen garden style. Bamboo walls and low railings also beautify your balcony, such decorations will give you privacy while giving you a distinctly Japanese style. Here are some inspirations for you to try at home!

















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