Have a large collection of flowers or ornamental plants? Now you do not have to display your plants in pots, gardens or corners of the room. Try to take advantage of the empty area in the window of the house to display your plant collection in a unique way. This also applies to those of you who live in small dwellings or urban apartments and do not have much space, the idea of ??an indoor window garden feels practical to grow it effectively.

If you have a window box outside, then indoors there are many creative ways to display your plant collection. From creating window shelves to hanging plants, these are great ways to grow them in confined spaces. You can try growing various ornamental plants, herbs, flowers, and some vegetables this way too. Here are some ways and inspiration for indoor window gardens!

Window plant shelf

Plant racks are the easiest way to place your plants in windows. You can take advantage of window ledges or make window shelves of special sizes. To be more attractive, choose a shelf made of wood, glass or acrylic that adds to the beauty in the room. This window shelf idea is very practical to be used as an indoor garden, even a small window can be a special attraction if it is decorated with plants.


Beautify room

The best thing about having indoor plants can certainly make the room feel more alive. Not only saving space, the indoor window garden will beautify the overall appearance of the room. You can display a beautiful collection of houseplants, colorful flowers, or even hang lush greenery. That way, any room will feel cooler, more comfortable, even like being outdoors.













Air conditioning plants and improves mood

Some plants are useful for cleaning and filtering toxins in the air. Of course, this will be very useful if you live in urban areas. Placing plants in windows will help keep the air quality fresh so it is good for health. In addition, according to research, seeing and being near plants can keep the mood always positive. So, feel free to bring more green thumbs into your space and the confined area is not a barrier to doing so. Check out more window garden inspirations below!







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