Witches make any home feel more like Halloween. This is a popular theme for Halloween decorations, giving charm to your home especially outdoors. Not only is it a decoration that attracts anyone’s attention when they pass by your house, the witch theme is very popular for both adult and kids parties. Do you want a scary, funny, or even stylish look? Witches are easy to incorporate into many themes and colors.

This Halloween, we’ve rounded up some creative ideas for Halloween witch decorations and crafts that you can make today. From flying witch hats on the front porch to witch feet hanging from the top of the house, there’s lots of fun presenting witches in your own way. Now scroll down and find your favorite witch decoration ideas!


Outdoor witch Halloween decoration ideas

A witch theme is easy for anyone to create, even if you don’t want to display all parts of a witch’s body, there are still lots of witch elements that can be used as Halloween decoration ideas. The most popular way is to take a part of the witch’s foot that looks unique, then make it look like the witch is falling in it. It could be anything, from a witch’s cauldron, a tree, a fence, a wall, even the top of your house. Apart from that, there are also witch hats which are the easiest idea to add Halloween elements. They can be used anywhere, from floral arrangements, wall displays, hanging them on the porch, or even making a chandelier out of a witch’s hat.

To make your outdoor space look dramatic, don’t forget the witch’s cauldron! It is the perfect part of Halloween decorations and party displays. Make an outdoor pot decoration to replace your plant pot, put a broomstick, a crow, and a black cat in it. You can also use a cauldron to create a mist effect or store a collection of your favorite flowers and plants. Since this is a witch theme, fake witches are mandatory decorations. Create spooky and cool decorations with them, add cauldrons, crows, spiders, snakes, black cats to scare your guests and tricksters. You can create scary figures using miniature sculptures or balloons in your backyard and garden.


More witch Halloween decoration ideas

If you find the witch theme very difficult, there are still several other decorations that you can use as alternatives. For example, just use a broom, shoes, feet, hat, hands, and even a witch’s outfit as decoration for your front door. If you like DIY things, you can involve your family to create the outdoor witch theme you want together. In fact, children will love it by creating a cute and adorable witch look. You can create a witch inspired arrangement, from witches, hanging ornaments, wreaths, garden decorations, or add some other cool stuff. Here’s more inspiration that will make your Halloween even more fun this year.


















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