Applying living room wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your living space and transform its appearance. Hanging wallpaper in living rooms can seem daunting at first, however, it’s hardly as intimidating as it looks. The right wallpaper design will bring personality to an interior and it’s great to highlight architectural features like wainscoting, wall niches, or ceiling moldings.

There is a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from and you should consider the size of the room when selecting the right wallpaper. A darker wallpaper design can make a room more dramatic, while lighter options will make a space appear bigger.

If you have been thinking about using wallpaper to breathe new life into your living room space, this curated list of the most inspiring living room wallpaper ideas is a great place to start. From bold patterns that get your attention, to more subtle and subdued textures that add a sophisticated appearance to your space. I’ve gathered the most inspiring living room wallpaper ideas, in the list below.

A blue pattern living room wallpaper paired with a blue velvet couch

The blue pattern wallpaper in this gorgeous historic living and dining room is paired with a blue velvet couch and other decor in natural tones for a subtle look where the wallpaper is the focal point.

The blue texture on the four walls also brings out the beautiful white crown molding underneath the ceiling and accentuates the gorgeous historic fireplace in the corner of the space.

a blue pattern living room wall paper paired with a blue velvet couch

Styled by JosefssonLjung, photographed by Alen Cordic for Nya Kvadrat

Striped wallpaper living rooms for a classic look with a modern touch

Striped living room wallpaper ideas have been around for ages and they are so versatile that they can be used in any room style, whether it’s modern or classic. In the example below, a larger-scale striped wallpaper is used to enhance a modern and minimal living room.

The white and grey wallpaper adds a beautiful touch to the otherwise very modest interior and the stripes make the ceilings appear even higher.

A minimal living room with a white and grey striped wallpaper

via Sandberg Wallpaper

In the living room below, a green striped geometric wallpaper used on the walls is paired with a green pattern wallpaper on the ceiling for a classic living room wallpaper idea that transforms the space. Striped wallpaper is the simplest of the geometric wallpaper designs and it’s an elegant, timeless option that won’t go out of style.

A green and white striped wallpaper paired with a green textured wallpaper on the ceiling

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A classic living room wallpaper idea with a repeated floral pattern

Repeated patterns in floral wallpapers tend to bring a classic look to the table. This is probably the more old-fashioned of the living room wallpaper ideas on the list, however, the combination of modern and vintage furniture pieces makes for a striking balance in the room.

A classic living room wallpaper with a repeated floral pattern.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A black and white tropical wallpaper pattern adds a playful touch to a Scandinavian interior

The right living room wallpaper design can completely change the atmosphere of a room. In the example below, a black and white tropical pattern adds a unique and playful touch to a living room with simple furniture in a neutral color palette.

The black wall lamp and the small artwork in between the two windows stand out against the backdrop of the wallpaper and break the pattern just slightly, which makes the design look more interesting.

A black and white tropical wallpaper in a  elegant Scandinavian living room

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A bold pink and green floral pattern paired with neutral furniture pieces

When you want to carry out one of the bolder living room wallpaper ideas, it’s a great choice to balance the bold pattern out with more subtle furniture and accessories.

The living room in the example below pairs a busy floral wallpaper in green and pink tones with a beautiful selection of beige and off-white tones in the furniture, accessories, lamps, and textiles creating a balanced living room look with a unique appearance.

A bold green and pink floral wallpaper pattern paired with subtle and elegant living room furniture and textiles

Styled by Livin Deco, photographed by Jonas Lundberg for Stadshem

A blue-grey wallpaper design paired with grey wainscoting

The blue-grey floral wallpaper design in this living room is paired with grey wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall, breaking up the beautiful yet rather busy pattern. By pairing wall treatments, you can easily find a striking balance for your walls.

A blue-grey wallpaper design paired with grey living room wainscoting

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A pop of texture created with a dark floral wallpaper design

Are you excited about trying out one of the living room wallpaper ideas on this list but aren’t entirely sure how it will look on your four walls? Try out one wall to transform your space and pair it with paint on the other walls for an interesting effect.

The dark eye-catching floral wallpaper underneath the stairs in this living room is the perfect match with the blue and grey wall colors that add a balancing effect to the setting. The wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop for watching TV and the blue-painted sideboard and the vintage glass cabinet are a great choice to decorate this cozy nook.

A wallpaper accent wall behind a living room TV corner

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi for Kvarteret Makleri

A delicate floral design accentuates a niche space in the wall

Wallpaper designs are great for highlighting historic architectural features as some of the living room wallpaper ideas in this list have shown. A wallpaper design can work great for highlighting certain sections in a room as well like the floral wallpaper accentuates the niche space where the sofa finds a perfect spot.

A blue floral wallpaper in a living room niche space

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A ceiling living room wallpaper idea to highlight the historic features in the space

This is the most unique of the living room wallpaper ideas on the list, as it features an eye-catching dark blue constellation wallpaper on the ceiling paired with a subtle beige paint color on the living room walls.

The wallpaper brings out the intricate detailing in the beautiful white crown molding underneath the ceiling. Be aware that dark ceiling colors will visually bring your ceiling down, so this living room wallpaper idea will work best in living rooms with impressive ceiling height.

A dark blue constellation wallpaper on the ceiling of a spacious historic living room with beige walls and a bright blue sofa

via Borastapeter

A dark blue wallpaper paired with light furniture and white-soaped hardwood flooring

This whimsical dark blue wallpaper design makes a bold impression in this living room. The white String shelves stand out against the backdrop of the dark blue wallpaper in a contrasting way, matching the white fabric sofa and the textured area rug on the floor.

A dark blue living room wallpaper paired with white shelves and a white sofa

via Sandberg Wallpaper

Use curtains to break up the wallpaper

If you want your wallpaper design to be present in the background but not too overpowering, it can be a great idea to use large curtain panels to break the pattern on the wall and to bring in extra variety.

a light blue floral wallpaper design paired with beige living room curtains and a white fabric sofa

via Borastapeter

A large-scale pattern wallpaper for a bold effect

Large-scale wallpaper designs tend to work well in larger living rooms, as the pattern might be too overwhelming otherwise. The wall behind the fabric sofa in this living room is covered with a beautiful teal botanical print that adds a true focal point to the setting.

A large-scale wallpaper pattern in a minimal living room space

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A half wallpaper wall on top of historic living room wainscoting

In this gorgeous historic living room space with beautiful white wainscoting, only the top half of the wall is covered in wallpaper, which makes for a balanced look. This is a great living room wallpaper idea for those who find a full wallpaper wall a bit much. Cover the top half of the wall with wallpaper, and treat the bottom half with wainscoting or wall paint for a two-tone effect.

A bold botanical wallpaper pattern on top of living room wainscoting

via Borastapeter

A subtle blue botanical living room wallpaper paired with subdued natural tones

The small botanical print in this light blue color adds a delicate and whimsical effect to the space with an off-white fabric sofa. The subtle furniture pieces and the black and white floor lamp stand out against the backdrop of this delicate wallpaper design.

A blue botanical wallpaper pattern in a living room decorated with white and beige tones

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A small-scale pattern for a subtle effect

This is one of the more modest living room wallpaper ideas on the list, where a subtle floral wallpaper in light grey adds a soft touch to the elegant interior style from which the striped fabrics on the armchair stand out in a powerful way.

A subtle light grey living room wallpaper in a cozy interior with a striped armchair

via Borastapeter

A rich green living room wallpaper for a fresh and welcoming effect

The rich green wallpaper design and the vintage furniture add texture and interest to this turn-of-the-century living room. The fresh green color makes the white-soaped hardwood flooring, white double interior doors, and crown molding stand out while adding a rich and earthy note to the interior setting that pairs nicely with the warmth of the vintage sideboard.

A green botanical wallpaper in a turn-of-the-century living room with vintage pieces

via Borastapeter

A subtle floral living room wallpaper paired with a few pops of blue

When you don’t like decorating your rooms with too many accessories, you might consider creating a focal point with your wallpaper choice. In the elegant and inviting living room inspiration below, the floral wallpaper adds interest to the space. The light blue pillow and the bright blue stool stand out against the walls and finish the look off perfectly.

A subtle floral wallpaper paired with pops if blue

via Sandberg Wallpaper

A subtle texture with a beige wallpaper design in a newly built living room

If the bold living room wallpaper ideas are a bit much for you, you might want to go for a delicate and subdued wallpaper design like the beige botanical design in the example below. Much like a beige paint color on the wall, the wallpaper adds a subtle style element to the space that pairs nicely with the modern lines in the rest of the room.

A subtle beige living room wallpaper pattern

via Borastapeter

A modern living room wallpaper with a bold effect

This is probably the boldest and most modern of the living room wallpaper ideas on the list. The black and white watercolor pattern adds character and style to the space and accentuates the beautiful white-painted historic details in this majestic living room space.

A black-and-white living room wallpaper in a historic space

via Sandberg Wallpaper

How to pick the right living room wallpaper in 3 easy steps

Inspired by the living room wallpaper ideas on this list? These 3 easy steps will help you pick out the right wallpaper design for your space.

  1. Consider the existing color palette and furniture pieces of your living room and opt for a wallpaper that complements and enhances these elements rather than clashes with them.
  2. Take the size of the living room into account: larger pattern wallpapers might overwhelm a small living room, while a subtler design can create the illusion of space.
  3. Consider the mood you want to create, is it a cozy, intimate atmosphere or more of a vibrant and energizing look and feel?
  4. Lastly, think about the material quality you like: a textured wallpaper will bring extra variety to your walls, while a fabric wallpaper will bring a more elevated look to the setting.

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