The bedroom is the most personal room that displays the style and personality of the owner. Therefore, you have to be able to create a comfortable atmosphere where one of these things can be done by choosing the right furniture and decorations. This also applies to men’s bedrooms who want comfort when they want to rest or just relax after a hard day’s work. Men usually like things that are masculine, and industrial style makes a great addition to a men’s bedroom.

You don’t have to add elaborate decor elements or place lots of furniture. Sometimes simplicity feels more comfortable without having a lot of things in the room. Lighting ideas play an important role when you want to display a man’s style, you can add decorations in the form of industrial lights consisting of various models, sizes and various colors. It’s time to step up the style of the men’s bedroom, make sure you check out the inspiration below!


Industrial table lamp

Table lamps are always a cool addition to any bedroom style, and men’s bedrooms are no exception. This lamp design is often used as extra lighting next to the bed. If you like to read a book before going to bed or do any other activity that requires additional light, then an industrial table lamp should be in your plans. Place the lamp on the nightstand or bedside table to make it easier for you when you want to turn it on. Amazingly, you can even make your own industrial table lamp from recycled pipes.





Industrial pendant lamp

Pendant light are one of the most popular lamp designs because they are easy to apply and give a cool industrial touch. You can place industrial pendant lamp in whatever style you like, such as a bit of a modern touch to inviting rustic. This lamp won’t take up much space in the room because you can just hang it in any area you like.






Industrial wall lamp

Apart from table lamps, wall lamp designs are no less interesting as extra lighting. The difference is, this lamp model really saves space because it is attached to the bedroom wall. Add an inviting industrial touch from a variety of materials such as metal, wood, or any DIY wall lamp that you like. Industrial wall lights not only give you added lighting, but are also a statement piece of wall.






Industrial floor lamp

On the last list, we have a lamp design that is used quite often in modern or contemporary homes. The floor lamp design will make any room look elegant, and this lamp is very practical because it is easy to move it to any corner of the room you want. Decorate your bedroom with an inviting industrial floor lamp, or create a cozy reading corner with this lamp idea!






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