A child’s physical environment can influence his development into adulthood. So, it is clear that building a playroom will make them more creative, especially when it comes to their world. Outdoor playgrounds are amazing for exploring and adventuring for kids, but what if you don’t have enough space for them? So in this post we want to invite you to create a playroom that is truly connected to the outdoors.

Create a playroom where you have the possibility to open it to the outdoors whenever your little one wants. Since indoor-outdoor living is very popular nowadays, a playroom like this will also excite your little one. Moreover, it is a solution when you don’t have enough outdoor space. So, how to design an indoor-outdoor play space? Here are some easy tips that kids will love. Let’s see!


Large Windows

Large or transparent windows are a classic idea that will always be there if you have a temperate or warm climate. You can create a playroom with a view outside from a window display, for example a folding or garage window, an outdoor window sill, and place a few tables and chairs outside for a refreshing playroom. This is the easiest solution that won’t break the bank and will blur the lines between indoor-outdoor playrooms. Ideas like this allow you to have a small outdoor play space, even if there isn’t actually room for it.


Glass Wall

Another popular idea is to create a glass wall that also functions as a door, so your little one can open it when needed when they want to play outside. These can be sliding walls, some regular doors or pivot doors, garage doors or even folding doors. You can also create a screen wall that can be raised when you need fresh air, and one of the walls in your playroom will disappear. Glazed walls with large windows to open are also a great idea, and you might get not just one glazed wall but more or all of them. You can also combine some of the previous options, such as see-through windows with glass walls, so the playroom will really feel like it’s outdoors. Get more inspiration and lots of other playroom ideas below!


















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