Soccer is one of the most popular sports. Not only adults, but even children like to play this game when they are outdoors. As we know, soccer requires a large enough field to be able to play. However, it is possible that you can bring this game home. Instead of just watching TV or playing video games, how about playing soccer in person by making a soccer field in the backyard? It looks interesting and fun if we have a football field with an adjustable size.

Soccer does have its fans, but this game has limitations because it can’t be done anywhere. Soccer fields must be completely safe and meet standards for play, no matter how large you want to make them. Take advantage of the garden or backyard to turn it into a small soccer field. Besides playing football, you can also use this area for sports activities or just as a playground for children.

So, are you interested in making a soccer field in the backyard? Check out the easy way below!


Adjust the backyard size

Before you want to make a soccer field, first know how many yards you have. Clean all objects around the backyard, even if you need to move some objects that may be used often, such as clotheslines, to other equipment. It is important to pay attention to the size of the page so that you can divide the function area based on your needs. But if it’s too narrow, you should work around this by making a smaller ball field. Every inch of area you have, and most importantly, the soccer field, can function optimally.


Add grass

There are several types of grass that are often used on the soccer field, such as Zoysia matrella (ZM), Cynodon dactylon (CD), and Axonopus compressus (AC) grass. These three types are very popular because they have good quality. This includes grass density, elasticity, being able to withstand loads, and strong roots. This grass is not only a safety measure when it falls while playing soccer; the ball’s rate will be stable if the grass is cut regularly. Just playing soccer with children, friends, and family is more than sufficient.


Soccer field accessories

To make the atmosphere of playing soccer feel real, complete the field with the right accessories, such as crossbars, balls, and garden lights, at the field line. Making crossbars is quite easy and only uses simple materials in the form of wood, iron, or even pipes, all of which use nets. The size of the crossbar can also be adjusted according to needs; it doesn’t have to be wide, but it is still possible to play. In addition, spotlights that illuminate the field can be selected so that you can still play at night.

Here are more soccer field inspirations for small spaces that you can try!

















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