For some people, the bathroom is not just an area for bathing or cleaning oneself but also the perfect place to unwind after a day of activities. Even though they have a function that is no less important, bathrooms often don’t get attention to design and even tend to be small. In fact, the bathroom can be one of your favorite areas for relaxing or just enjoying the freshness of the natural surroundings.

Choosing a bathroom design with Balinese nuances will bring the holiday atmosphere that you might want. This bathroom style can be an option for those of you who want to take a break from all your activities and want to restore your mood. Apart from that, Balinese bathrooms are very effective as a place to reflect or self-reflect during the day. That’s why Balinese bathrooms are designed so uniquely with a special character.

Balinese bathrooms are very popular because many hotels and villas often apply this bathroom concept, either closed or open and connected to the outside. If you are interested in bringing the exotic vibe of Bali into your bathroom, here are some inspirations for you to try!


Semi open bathroom

As the name suggests, this bathroom style is not completely open. However, making the room as bright as possible by using a transparent glass roof in the bathroom will create a bathroom that allows views of the skylight. Apart from that, sunlight can also enter the bathroom easily, so it saves your budget during the day. Another idea, you can use large glass walls or windows while still adding curtains for privacy.


Balinese bathroom design

Using wood in the bathroom will make the atmosphere of the room feel fresher and more natural. So, you can choose wood material for the floor and walls which will make the bathroom look warmer. Add a bathtub with a stone or wood texture which will become the center of attention when entering the bathroom. To add a natural impression, you can leave the bathroom roof open or even have no roof at all, so that sunlight can easily enter the bathroom. If possible, place several medium-sized green ornamental plants in the corners of the room to add a natural and fresh impression to the bathroom.

Apart from wood, natural stone, bamboo and rattan are also very popular to give a natural impression to a room. So, you can also choose this material to use in the bathroom. You can use these material choices as floors, walls, accessories, furniture, and you can even choose a bathtub made from natural stone. Also add medium-sized ornamental potted plants or hang them on the bathroom ceiling. Enjoy!


















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