Nowadays, many people make home offices part of their home decor. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine the workspace design that suits our style and personality. So, today let’s go eclectic which is very welcome and make you think about showcasing this style in your home office. Eclectic style means mixing different colors, patterns, styles and eras to create an organic feel so that it appears that these elements were created to complement each other.

In this post we’ll look at how to decorate an eclectic home office that functions beautifully while perfectly reflecting your taste and personality. Such a workspace shows off your lifestyle and individuality and looks full of life. Of course, you can’t just mix everything and some common threads are needed to produce a cool design, and today’s roundup will help you create an eclectic home office. Let’s take a look!


Mix and Match

Mix and match various decor elements using different colors and eras, this is the key to creating an eclectic kitchen! This can be various pieces of furniture, decorations, even storage shelves and stationery, preferably featuring contrasting details. An eclectic workspace is also the perfect backdrop to showcase your creative side, for example add some unique items to your decor as eclectic style is all about incorporating creative pieces in unexpected ways. Eclectic decorating is not about over-decorating, you have to find some way to bring different patterns and styles together. The easiest way to do this is to use a single color scheme, which offers the flexibility to mix different style elements in your home office but still keep the colors the same.


Keep Things Balanced

Eclectic doesn’t mean disorganized chaos! You just need to keep your decoration balanced, that is, you can only use two styles. For example, balance your worn and flea market items with more modern items. You can also mix modern items with rustic items for a cozy feel, or mix Mediterranean and bohemian styles. An eclectic home office isn’t about over-decorating, you have to find some way to tie your decor together, and the easiest way to do this is to use a single color scheme, which offers the flexibility to mix different style elements in your space. Another idea, you can also add some unique items to your décor, eclectic is about incorporating creative pieces into your decor in unexpected ways. Get inspired!


















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