The IKEA Metod collection is one of the most popular storage options for solving any problem at home. This is a simple and plain set of kitchen cupboards that can be mounted on the wall or simply placed on legs in your room. They are truly versatile, sturdy, modular, and most easily adaptable to your storage and room function needs. Apart from using it in the kitchen, you can also take it to any room that needs extra storage space. Everything looks very simple and you can tidy it up to get a beautiful appearance that suits your room.

IKEA Metod cabinets are flexible, so they are perfect for use throughout the home whenever anything needs storage space. We’ve looked at Method for many smart interior design options and storage solutions. The results are truly amazing and anyone can easily replicate it at home. So, in this post we want to share some easy DIY ways to hack an IKEA Method cabinet and apply it to your home. Let’s see!


Using IKEA Method for your home

Almost all IKEA Method products are easy to apply to any storage. For example, place it in the baby’s room, cupboard, kitchen, home office, living room, dining room, and most ideally at the entrance. The design is simple so it’s easy to hack, in fact the Metod cabinets are universal and easily blend with any interior style. This storage unit is especially beautiful in the living room or dining room, there the Metod looks like the perfect TV unit, credenza or sideboard or simply a console table. If you’re creative, try combining several pieces together to make storage more convenient and flexible. Another idea, although rarely seen using IKEA Method in the bathroom for storage is a great idea.


IKEA Hack Method

IKEA Method cabinets are easy to hack in various ways to get a console, credenza, sideboard or just a wardrobe with a charming design. Cover the cabinets with some interesting panels, replace them with wooden doors, stain them, or paint the doors a bold pastel color. IKEA Metod is very good for mounting on walls but you can also add metal or wooden legs to suit the design. The easiest idea is to combine it with a certain table, whether it looks contrasting or is bright in color.

The table can be regular or waterfall shaped, or even frame the entire piece for a more stylish look. Beautify a Method cupboard using paint or painting a pattern you like, it’s a quick change to suit your room. Another option is to use marble, metal, or something else to renovate your IKEA Method cupboard. You can also make benches from Metod pieces then cover them with pillows, dressers, game centers, and many other items. Get inspired!


















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