Fridge magnets are not just decorations on the fridge door, but also reminders, notes, travel photos, and much more. Have you ever thought about making magnets before? Because this is one really fun DIY project. It doesn’t matter whether you have skills or not? In fact, beginners can do it too because magnets are the best place to boost your creativity. They are small and do not require a lot of materials and costs, so you can try different techniques and ideas depending on the fridge magnets you choose.

A plain fridge door is like a blank canvas waiting for you to decorate, and fridge magnets are both a solution and a fun DIY project you can do with the kids at home. This project is kid-friendly, budget-friendly, easy, and sure to spice up your interior. So, interested in trying to make your own fridge magnets? Here we’ve rounded up the cutest fridge magnet ideas and easy tips for making them.


How to make easy DIY fridge magnets?

There are many materials you can use for fridge magnets, but the easiest way is to purchase a small surface such as glass marble, wooden hoops, mini ornaments, or similar. Then, you simply decorate it and then stick a magnet underneath. This simple method is very practical, especially for those of you who are beginners, it only takes a few minutes to get a cute decoration. There are some very simple projects you can find in this collection, but we’ll try to cover them further.


Steps to make a fridge magnet

If you have decided to make your own fridge magnets, there are a number of steps and preparations you will need. In general, it can be divided into four parts, namely magnets, surfaces, decorations, and adhesives.

Magnet, it must be strong enough because many people often make the mistake of choosing a magnet with poor adhesion so it falls off easily. So, we recommend that you choose a really strong ceramic magnet.

On the surface, we believe almost anything can be made into a fridge magnet. However, the easiest way is to buy it at an accessories store or sell some interesting small items. Another idea, you can take materials around you such as glass marbles, glass pieces, plugs, or even photos.

Decoration, this is very important because it will enhance the look of your fridge magnet. Whether you decide to decorate with glitter, paper, photos, paint, and more, here you’ll see lots of variants to get inspired.

Adhesive, Don’t neglect about this! Believe me, you need adhesive glue that must be really strong so that the surface with the magnet can stick perfectly.

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