Choosing furniture for children can not be arbitrary. In addition to its attractive shape, resilience is also the most important factor in keeping children safe. IKEA Oddvar stool may be one that is needed for many purposes, but this time we’re going to focus on turning it into your little one’s favorite piece of furniture.

Because this is a stool, so use it that way, you can hack it so that it can be accepted by your little one such as painting it, adding stickers, or creating various patterns that children love. Oddvar is perfect for use as an exercise tower, combine a few benches to turn into a play ladder or as a medium to help your little one get to whatever they want. Amazingly, Oddvar stool still has a storage compartment under the top.

Kids will love the Oddvar stool hack, turn it into a play kitchen, mini sink, cute stool and study table. There is so much inspiration for using Oddvar stool with the kids, just use your creativity and prepare to be amazed!


IKEA Oddvar Tower Learning Hacks

Oddvar learning tower is my favorite hack with the kids. Often the little ones find it difficult to reach whatever they want, their small body certainly makes it difficult to take food or objects that are far from reach. Learning tower not only makes it easier for them to pick up whatever they need, but also trains their skills and balance.

Oddvar learning tower is a combination of more than one bench stacked like a ladder. Besides being safe for your little one to use, this exercise tower will also make your work easier. To make it even more interesting, dip the practice tower in colored paint, or make a stencil of your choice. Another idea is to use stickers or wallpaper to coat the top.









IKEA Oddvar Kids Play and Furniture Hacks

Invite your little ones to hack whatever they want with the IKEA Oddvar stool, besides the learning tower, there are many fun creative ideas. Oddvar is great as a kids piece of furniture, no matter whether you decide to leave the bench as is or add color and pattern, this stool will be loved for its small size.

Use the Oddvar stool as part of the playroom, it can be turned into a play kitchen, toy stove, to a practical study table. Oddvar is also great in the bathroom, as a vanity, sink, or whatever the kids want. Find more ideas using the IKEA Oddvar stool and you’re good to go!











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