The balcony may not have a large size, it even tends to be narrow. However, a balcony is the only outdoor area you have if you live in an apartment or small dwelling. Balconies are not as cozy as backyards and never really match the garden, but you can create a variety of fun activities including turning them into balcony play areas.

Its small size makes it easy for you to create a play area without too much effort. Like any playroom in general, you can add any games there, for example tents, sandboxes, chalkboards, to make it colorful. Of course, don’t forget to protect your balcony from children if they want to play there.

Below we have put together some easy tips for creating a balcony area that is suitable for small spaces. Let’s see!


Play area on the balcony

There are many creative ways to create a play area on the balcony that children will love. This could be a seating area with some board games or a crafting area, or you could also add an outdoor playhouse. You can make the balcony area toddler-friendly or suitable for older children. However, make sure the balcony play area remains safe for them.


Colorful paint

Adding lots of colors, such as painting furniture and balcony walls, can attract your little one’s interest. If you’re creating a play area on your balcony, consider brightening it up with colorful paint. A white background is best, and you can decorate it with their favorite colors in large circles or patterns. Using these colors is also good for improving children’s motor skills so they are more enthusiastic.


Green with plants

The small size of the balcony does not mean it is far from comfortable. Refresh your balcony area with a variety of green plants and flowers so that children feel more interested. You can make a mini garden by using every inch you have, for example placing pots on the balcony railing or displaying them on wall shelves. Get some small, colorful plant pots and some seeds then teach your little one all about growing plants. You could even get them involved in an herb or vegetable garden.


Seating area

Balconies are usually filled with comfortable and space-saving furniture. So, if you have a seating area for drinking coffee or reading, why not provide it for your kids? Just get some garden chairs or picnic benches, add some artificial grass and some lighting, and the Kids will be right at home playing on their balcony.

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