If you are a fan of a cat or cats, then you will understand that they are cunning and cute little creatures who know that you cannot resist their charms and do not hesitate to enjoy the situation. They are really fun, especially if you have little ones at home so all you want to do is make them part of the family. That means they also deserve love and attention, including having their own furniture, toys and accessories.

Cats are easy pets and never refuse anything you give them. Even though some cats tend to be more fussy and picky in this regard, I think it is still within reasonable limits as long as you understand what your cat needs. Cat-friendly rooms are designed to make your cat feel cozy while they are at home, they are really cool and stylish to match your interior design. So, I put together a selection of modern cat furniture that you and your feline friends might like. Please scroll down and get inspired!


Wall mounted shelves

Cats love to climb on things, or scratch on things to sharpen their claws, but also relax and sleep during the day. So, your best choice would probably be to consider wall mounted shelves which offer everything. It usually features a cozy little hammock that you can hang on the wall, an enclosed module with a small entrance that’s great for playing hide and seek or napping and a scratching post. Another idea, you can use functional shelves on the walls. Then place it in any room you want, such as the bedroom, living room, or even family room. Apart from being cat-friendly, these wall shelves can also be an area for placing decorative displays or bookshelves.


Cat furniture

Although they love to sleep, cats are also cute creatures who enjoy playing hide and seek and love exploring new spaces. Moreover, it is in their nature to sharpen their claws and it is your responsibility to let them do so. In other words, don’t blame your cat for ruining your couch unless you can offer an alternative. The solution is, you must have cat-friendly furniture that suits your pet’s needs. For example, a chair with a cat house, a set of modular blocks that can be stacked and combined, a cat-friendly coffee table, and many more.


Cat playground

If you want your cats to be at home more often, provide a fun playground for them. You don’t have to create a special play area, you can combine the playground with other rooms in the house. For example, a cat tree can be made from a pillar that supports a room, a bookshelf that doubles as a napping area, or furniture designed to be pet-friendly. So, even a small room can be turned into a playground that cats will love depending on how creative you are. Here’s more inspiration for you to try at home!

















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