Morocco is a country that has a unique architectural style because it dares to play with dynamic motifs and bright colors. It is usually characterized by symmetrical patterns so that it looks exotic, which is why Moroccan style is one of the most popular choices for buildings and gardens. So, the Moroccan outdoor concept seems far from simple and minimalist. This style is very bold in playing with bright colors inspired by desert landscapes, terracotta, and colorful red spices.

Bringing Moroccan style to the backyard has proven to be effective in providing a warm and comfortable impression. This style is synonymous with dry gardens, water elements and sitting areas. Several types of plants are often characteristic of this garden style, not only typical Middle Eastern plants such as types of palms or cacti, but also plants with lush characteristics are also widely used.

If you’re interested in a Moroccan style outdoors, here are some easy tips and beautiful and stunning Moroccan inspired backyard ideas.


Mosaic ceramics

Different from garden styles in general, Moroccan style is usually characterized by the use of mosaic ceramics. Usually this ceramic is applied to the floor, walls or edges of the swimming pool, giving it a luxurious and elegant impression. The mosaic ceramic material was chosen because it has elements of eccentric and geometric patterns and presents a warmer impression.


Equipped with innercourt

If you have ever visited a country in the Middle East, of course you are familiar with inner court. The Moroccan garden style is usually equipped with an inner court area in the middle or back of the house. This area contains several pieces of furniture and accessories that can support the relaxation aspect of each occupant. For example, various types of plants, sitting areas, dining tables, and much more.


Typical Moroccan style plants

Although the Moroccan garden style is often synonymous with dry gardens such as pine trees, cacti and succulents. This garden style is also dominated by large and lush plant types. For example, you will find orange trees, palm trees, and several other types of tropical plants.


Eclectic nuance

As we know, Moroccan style is famous for using bold colors and ethnic motifs. The use of this color is usually found in furniture, sofa cushions, and the color of the walls as a background. This neat combination really brings an eclectic impression to a Moroccan-style outdoor space.


Typical Moroccan furniture

Lastly, we have furniture that marks the typical Moroccan style. Apart from being dominated by wood and metal elements, the Moroccan style also uses a lot of rattan furniture. This material goes very well with mosaic ceramics and lush green plants. So it is suitable for those of you who like tropical, warm and ethnic nuances that are comfortable for relaxing outdoors.

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