Mediterranean home designs have been known for a long time and are still popular today. The style of this house is heavily influenced by Spanish and Italian architecture, as well as other Mediterranean countries, including France, Portugal, Greece and Morocco, all of which emphasize nature and warmth. Mediterranean homes are very easy to spot as they often feature beautiful elements such as terracotta tile roofs, stucco or brick walls, arches and wrought iron details.

The Mediterranean style first developed around the 20s, as it developed, the design of this house mixed many other styles such as modern, minimalist, boho, farmhouse, even Scandinavian. A Scandinavian-style home can be an option for those of you who want a simple but elegant, magnificent, timeless, and blends with the natural surroundings. Here are some Scandinavian home designs that you can use as inspiration. Let’s see!


Mediterranean Home Exterior

A Mediterranean-style home is characterized by a broad and symmetrical facade, but it can still be applied to small houses with a garden at the front of the house. Its characteristics are using stucco or brick walls painted in neutral colors. The use of stucco walls on the exterior serves to keep the heat out during the day which keeps the area inside cool. Meanwhile at night when the temperature drops, this wall will slowly release heat accumulated during the day into the house.

Some classic Mediterranean homes, especially those influenced by Italian and Greek architecture, often have pools or pillars that give the impression of luxury. Wrought iron features on the exterior of the house are used as decorative elements that can add detail to the Mediterranean style of the house. The half-tubular terracotta colored clay tiles allow rainwater to drain easily, but also trap cool air that cools the interior.

If you look further, the exterior of a Mediterranean home usually has arches on the doors or windows that function structurally and decoratively. At the entrance, wooden doors are often curved to add warmth to the facade of the house. Most Mediterranean homes blend in with the natural world around them, so they have lots of outdoor areas, such as patios, patios, balconies, and gardens.









Mediterranean Home Interior

When looking to decorate a Mediterranean home interior, an understated look is best, relying on the principle of symmetry to accentuate this style. In addition, painting a room in one color and choosing the same type of flooring can give it a unified and unique look. Color accents are very important for the appearance of the interior, namely clean white walls that can help maintain the temperature in the house. This neutral color is also good for mixing with brighter colors, such as yellow, pink, blue, orange and green, as a pop up color in the house. Consider applying terracotta-toned clay tiles for a Mediterranean vibe. Then choose furniture made of wood with warm and natural or dark colors, and light linen fabrics in neutral colors also often appear in Mediterranean interior styles.











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