Limited bedroom size is often an obstacle, especially when you share it with your children. However, parental togetherness is very necessary, especially if you have a new baby or a child who still needs more attention. This small bedroom can be turned into a comfortable area where you and your baby can spend special time together. By using the right room arrangements with parents and kids, everything is very likely to be what you want.

The key is in the choice of decoration, starting from using beautiful textiles, natural materials, functional furniture, and strategically placed storage, this comfortable room is filled with lots of amazing ideas for creating moments together, both day and night so that they will forever be remembered until your little one grows up. big.

Below we have collected some examples of bedroom pictures with parents and children, as well as some easy tips for doing them. Please scroll down and get peace with your little ones.


Create a calm atmosphere for a short sleep

The choice of soft and calming colors can create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and resting. So that you feel calm with your little one, place a baby cot in the corner of the room near your bed so that your little one still feels safe. Another idea is to use a baby cot that is integrated with your bed for a newborn child. Whether your little one is close to you or sleeping alone, your little one will feel the love of his parents.


Choose warm and soft textiles

Textiles really influence your little one’s comfort while resting. So, try to choose soft cotton textiles with cute patterns to bring a smile to your face all the time. Various cute motifs ranging from bed sheets and bedding will help add joy and warmth to your baby’s sleeping area. From bed sheets to blankets, mix and match motifs with colors to keep cozy bedroom atmosphere.


Organized storage needs

Your little one’s equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why you have to choose a different storage design to help keep everything neat and under control. Group large items together for easy coordination, then use shelves and baskets as supports to organize smaller items. Some hidden storage like a built-in cupboard or under-bed storage is a great solution for a small bedroom.

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