Halloween will be coming soon, to be precise on October 31st where everyone is starting to look ready from now on. This holiday celebration is often filled with fun trick or treating activities, lively parties, or even decorating the house to look scary. To create the desired impression, of course you need supporting Halloween decorations, and this year I want to start it in the living room.

The living room is an important room for receiving guests so it needs to change its decoration every time a certain moment occurs, including Halloween. There are many ways to decorate your living room to make it feel like Halloween, from buying new accessories to recycling old and vintage-style items. A spooky and scary impression can be created from the presence of these old items.

Today we have collected some Halloween living room ideas that will surprise your guests and friends at home. Find one of the scariest Halloween decorations, from spiders, witches, ghosts, to the simplest pumpkin carvings and paintings. Please scroll down and get inspired!


Halloween living room decoration

When choosing Halloween decorations for your living room, consider where you want to place them. You can mount the decorations on the walls or simply place them on tables and floors. For example, if your living room is small, try using Halloween decorations that can be mounted on the walls or ceiling, such as string lights, stickers, garlands, posters, balloons, and many more. Another idea, you can also put decorations where you want, either on the table or on the floor. This decoration has many interesting choices, ranging from pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, skulls, witches, and others.


Halloween theme for the living room

As we know, Halloween is synonymous with spooky and frightening themes. However, now you can choose any theme you want. You can choose a theme that is dark, funny, bright, or even pastel shades. If you want to emphasize a strong Halloween impression, maybe you can make the living room atmosphere a little gloomy or eerie. The way to do this is to make the living room decoration look real. You can choose themes like skulls, ghosts, spiders, witches, bats, and spider webs.

Meanwhile, for a living room with a different appearance, you can choose unique themed decorations. Decorating with flower arrangements can be used as decoration to welcome guests. Another example of unique decoration is a candle in the shape of a skull. Apart from being unique, this decoration will attract attention.

For those of you who like bright Halloween nuances, choose a playful theme for the Halloween event. Jack-o-lanterns will give a more fun impression. Balloons are no less interesting for a fun theme. To make it feel even more exciting, try to choose decorations that are synonymous with autumn in orange and black.

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