String lights always manage to bring a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to any room, and a child’s room is no exception. This is the most popular idea that changes the atmosphere of a room without breaking the bank. There are many variations of string lights that are easy to apply to a child’s room theme, all consisting of various shapes, colors and appearances, with cool and warm light.

Decorating a kids room can be very troublesome, especially if your child is still very young. Apart from having to understand their wishes, usually your little one will quickly get bored no matter how many times you change his room. String lights are not only practical to beautify kids rooms, but also give them a relaxing feeling.

So how do you add string lights to a nursery? Here we’ve put together some string light ideas to get your little ones to sleep better and make their bedroom look amazing.


Kids Bedroom

The most common idea is to add string lights to kids bedrooms. That way, your little one will feel more comfortable with the extra lighting, or it can also be used as a beautiful night light. Hang string lights above the bed, or on the wall next to the bed, and add some decorations to make it look more beautiful. You can create various signs, installations, works of art, using string light crafts as a fun DIY project with your little ones. You can also make a chalkboard art wall to train children’s creativity, then add lights to it. Choose a string light design that best suits the theme of the children’s room, from classic shapes, stars, globes, or various other cute shapes. Scroll down to stay inspired!


minimalist-kids-bedroom-with-headboard-string-lights kids-room-organizer-with-string-light-decor






Reading Nook And Playroom

Another popular way is to use string lights in a reading nook or playroom. It will interest children to spend time there or even read. So that it doesn’t feel boring, you can decorate their room with a teepee and then add lights to it. Another easy idea, just hang string lights in the most strategic areas of the room. String lights have proven effective in making a room feel cosier while adding to the lighting needed for reading. You can also get creative by coming up with some fun DIY projects like star string lights, clouds, or crescent moons. There are many craft ideas so you have many choices.











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