Any work will feel lighter if it is equipped with the right furniture. In addition to the work desk, the chair is one of the important elements in supporting your every job. It doesn’t matter whether you are an office worker or working from home, an office chair must be designed as cozy and ergonomic as possible to increase the productivity and creativity of its users.

In addition to comfort, the shape of the chair also needs to be considered because it will affect the appearance of your entire workspace. Office chairs must certainly be sturdy when accommodating your body’s weight so that it can be used for a long time. Some choices of work chairs are even designed for long-term use, so you will feel comfortable even if you work for long hours.

Adding accessories can be done if you want to improve the quality of your work. From chair cushions, seat mats, to headrests that keep you focused while in the work environment, both at home and in the office. Here are some office chair designs and tips for choosing them!


Adjust to the height and posture of the user

In every job it is very important to maintain the comfort of your body, choose an office chair that is not too high but also not too low so that you don’t feel sore quickly. In this case the height becomes the main key. So, make sure when sitting your body is not curved and your hands can be straight with the table. Also make sure your feet can touch the floor and your gaze is focused on the screen or whatever you’re doing.


Adjustable chair will make work easier

There is nothing better than an office chair than an adjustable chair. In addition to the height, you can also adjust the depth of the backrest. There are some chairs whose depth is equipped with springs so that you can relax for a while. However, make sure the backrest can be adjusted and locked in an upright position to keep your back posture from fatigue.


Choose a chair with lower back support

Many people don’t notice that the lower back is the part of the body that gets tired the most. That’s why you need to choose a chair with a lower back. This body part also needs to be supported by a curved backrest. If you ignore it then in the long term you will bend over which makes it uncomfortable.


Add seat cushion

Adding cushions or seat mats can be a solution for certain chair designs. To be more comfortable, choose a soft and porous seat cushion to reduce the heat in your lower body. However, if you choose without padding, make sure it can accommodate all parts of your body.


Armrest is optional

There are also office chairs with armrests, although not everyone likes it but it can be taken into consideration. However, it should be noted that chairs with armrests should not interfere with your movement which will make it difficult when working.


Office chair with wheels

If you are someone who likes to move, an office chair with wheels is the best choice. You can easily move from one side of the table to the other without having to stand or spread your arms too far. Some wheelchairs are designed not to move easily as long as they are given enough weight so they don’t move around easily when you are focused on work.

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