Rugs are always the best solution to improve the appearance of a room. Besides making you feel comfortable, the appearance of a layered rug creates visuals that will spoil your eyes. There are many types of rug options that you can consider, for example choosing materials, patterns, colors and textures that suit your interior style. If you like the unique look of a rug or just want to bring a holiday vibe to your home, a jute rug might be a cool idea.

This is one of the aesthetic parts that is often seen in modern homes and is easy to combine with various other styles. However, unlike rugs in general, hemp rugs have a rougher surface with a characteristic natural color. This unique texture is the main attraction of jute rugs, and if you are interested in making them part of your decoration, here are some things you should know and examples of decoration. Listen!


Why choose Jute rugs?

It cannot be denied that jute rugs have aesthetic beauty. This rug is very popular among minimalist designers, with its subtle golden warmth providing a natural touch to a neutral color scheme, making any room feel comfortable. Thanks to its natural texture, hemp rugs provide a natural beauty that you can’t find in ordinary rugs. Texture is one of the main characteristics and appeal that jute rugs bring.


Easy to combine with any interior style

In addition to their texture and stylish appearance, jute rugs are adaptable and flexible to many interior styles. For example, in a coastal home, the textures are rich and provide a beachy feel, in a more boho space, they can serve as a floor foundation for plants and unique decorations. They also suit every style and don’t compete with the pattern so are a good choice if you have a complete interior that requires a rug that can fit seamlessly.


Jute rug décor ideas

Basically, this rug is quite simple, but its simplicity can also be enhanced by layering the rug or by mixing and matching several rugs at once. Take the rule of three and layer three circular burlap rugs for a larger surface area. Smaller jute rugs are also cheaper, but by layering three layers you get the feel of a larger rug. Hemp fabric is made entirely from vegetable fibers, meaning organic hemp can return to the earth without causing harm or leaving any chemical residue. Often these rugs are also naturally colored, meaning the air in your room will stay clean, making them very environmentally friendly. Get inspired!

















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