Having a house or apartment with limited land certainly makes you feel less free. In fact, each room has its own function which can support your comfort when carrying out activities indoors. Apart from the family room, the dining room is an area that is often used for breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee, gathering, or just chatting with other family members.

So what if your dining room is small? If by chance you experience the same problem, it turns out that you can still create a small dining room that is comfortable but still looks aesthetically pleasing. The solution is that you have to be smart in finding a dining room design that is creative, saves space and can emphasize your own preferences.

Now that you know the importance of this room, make the dining room a fun place to gather with a few easy tips. Let’s see!


Modern minimalist dining room

Do you like the Modern style but still look minimalist? Just choose neutrals with minimal decoration in your dining room. Place the dining table and chairs in matching colors, make sure to also place multifunctional furniture that suits the needs of your dining room. To make the atmosphere of the room more lively, you can add several things. For example, accessories or decorations such as small flower vases, air fresheners, hanging lamps, and trellis accents to add a modern impression to your dining room.


Industrial style dining room

Industrial style dining rooms are very popular and quite easy to create. You only need black, iron and wood furniture that is simple but aesthetic. Mix and match with similar colors, so that the dining room doesn’t look monotonous. Another idea is to use lights and decorative plants in the corners of the room or add accents to one part of the dining room wall.


Japandi dining room

The Japandi dining room is dominated by soft colors which make this dining room feel more comfortable and warm. Suitable for gathering and eating with family. If you like a Japandi-style room, you should equip it with natural and unobtrusive accents. Add a multipurpose cupboard, combined with a multifunctional plate rack to make the room look neat and space-saving. Because it has a simple design, this dining room model is very good for small rooms.


Masculine style dining room

Dark colors are often associated with a gloomy and dirty impression. Even though this color is very popular, especially men because of its masculine appearance. When you want to apply it in the dining room, the black color of the decoration and furniture will give the impression of space, and won’t get dirty quickly when used every day. However, beforehand you need to consider choosing the color of the floor and walls. If you have placed some black furniture, use brighter colors on your floors and walls. The placement of accessories and furniture in the dining room needs to be extra arranged.


The dining room is colorful with warm tones

If you want to bring a different feel to the dining room, you can try playing with bright colors. Choose colors like orange, red, and yellow which will make the dining room more cheerful. In addition, furniture in neutral colors will enhance the beauty of the dining room. Because in terms of design it is already full of color, just add a few wall decorations such as paintings or family photos. Accessories that can be used as eating utensils will also make you more comfortable.

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