Decorating walls can be a challenge in itself if you want to try to combine them and want a different look from the usual decorations. Decorating their walls with paintings and family photos may look ordinary, but trying to add a unique texture like a wicker basket will add charm and beauty to your walls.

The basket is easy to put on and take off, so it’s an interesting idea even for beginners. With more than thousands of wall basket inspirations on Pinterest, decorations with natural textures are now in great demand in minimalist to modern homes. Woven baskets blend easily with any interior design, from boho, minimalist, modern, rustic, rustic, and even farmhouse, making them suitable for use in any room in the home.

Currently, wall baskets consist of various choices of woven techniques, colors, and sizes. You can take the opportunity to imprint a bit of your personality on the arrangement you make. To help you get your creative juices flowing, I’ve rounded up some wicker basket wall ideas for inspiration. Please scroll down!


Woven Basket

Decorating the wall with the right composition using natural fiber baskets is a unique and unusual way. It is not difficult to find these types of goods because crafts are part of our culture. There are many wall woven baskets that you can buy from online merchants or stores that sell handicrafts. So, bet on baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors to create a stylish arrangement.

You can easily create natural décor in an organic layout. Mix various weaving techniques, baskets, placemats, to decorative crafts to your liking. Woven baskets are also great for giving a room a boho look. Baskets of varied designs form a lovely composition on the wall along with plants, colors and prints from the other pieces.


Hanging Baskets On The Wall

When you want to decorate a wall with woven baskets, make sure the wicker comes with hooks made of simple rope or grass integrated into the back of each webbing section. So you can easily hang it on a hook or nail. Another idea, you can place a wicker basket on a wall shelf or display cabinet.


Woven Basket Décor

There’s a ton of wall décor inspiration you can find online, but I highly recommend Pinterest and Instagram to see how others are doing it. There are no rules here, but you can start with the big basket in the middle and the smaller ones around it. Try focusing on the two diagonal corners and creating a sense of symmetry here, with two larger baskets or a smaller basket at each corner. If necessary, mix with mirrors, plants, or other wall decorations.

Find more inspiration for your favorite woven basket below!

















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